Nvidia gtc 2022 keynote

Nvidia GTC 2022 is underway, with the computing massive announcing a raft of software and hardware news, enhancements, and releases.

CEO Jensen Huang had a whole host of new additions to run thru throughout his keynote, including new data center chips, AI developments, and a deep dive into the Omniverse.

So if you ignored anything, read on for all the latest updates from the Nvidia GTC 2022 keynote.

As is tradition, Nvidia kicked off the keynote with a demonstration of how advanced its AI functionality is.

The keynote started out with a sweeping dive via a digital reproduction of the company’s HQ, with music additionally composed with the aid of its AI.

CEO Jensen Huang then appeared, clad in a trademark leather-based jacket, introducing a video of AI use cases, from healthcare to construction, for the company’s typical “I am AI” presentation.

Jensen went on to talk about how Nvidia’s AI platform is a common sight around the world, with three million developers and 10,000 start-ups the use of the technology.

Huang mentioned that in the previous decade, Nvidia’s hardware and software have delivered a million-x speed increase in AI technology.

Next used to be a refresh seem to be at Nvidia’s “Earth 2” digital twin, which amongst different matters is the usage of in-depth climate forecasting records to assist simulate climate and environment fields.

The models this statistics creates should be a vital step towards dealing with climate change, Nvidia notes, including predicting storms, flooding, and different natural disasters.

“Each GTC, Huang introduces effective new approaches to speed up computing of all kinds, and tells a story that puts the latest advances in perspective,” Nvidia says, “Expect Huang to introduce new technologies, products, and collaborations with some of the world’s main companies.”

The company additionally says the presentation “will focus on accelerated computing, deep learning, data science, digital twins, networking, quantum computing and computing in the information center, cloud, and edge,” so we can expect a slew of announcements as the show progresses. Pull up a seat and watch the show, and then seem to our pages for analysis afterward.