PS5 mobile controller for iphone 15

Apple has officially switched the iPhone 15 to USB-C, opening up a whole new world of chargers and accessories for those who have been using Lightning for the previous decade. And one of those attachments might render the next PlayStation Portal obsolete. Backbone has confirmed that the Android version of the Backbone One controller,

which includes a USB-C port, will work with the iPhone 15. That means you can buy a controller to stream content from your PS5 without worrying about it becoming obsolete in a few years. Anyone having a picture-introduced iPhone CompaWatch Diversifyich with a Lightning plug may not be so fortunate. 

The Backbone One controller’s compatibility with the iPhone 15 ensures that iPhone users can enjoy streaming content from their PS5 without concerns about obsolescence.

However, individuals who own older iPhone models equipped with a Lightning plug may not have the same convenience. This highlights the importance of staying updated with the latest technology to fully utilize gaming accessories. 

Backbone One is a controller grip that wraps around your phone, changing it into something close to a Nintendo Switch. This version of the grip, however, is particularly built to play PS5 games rather than Mario and Zelda.

As a result, you can stream games from your console without needing to connect to a DualSense controller, which is a huge benefit if you just have one PS5 controller. It’s a huge headache to have to unplug your controller from the console, connect it to your phone, and then reconnect it. Slapping a case around the phone is far less fiddly.

The issue is whether the Backbone One, which costs $100, is a better buy than the $199 PlayStation Portal. PlayStation’s remote streaming has a bad reputation, and while I’ve never had a problem, several of my colleagues at Tom’s Guide have. 

The Portal has the potential for Sony to make PS5 streaming more enjoyable, although its effectiveness will not be known until after launch.

However, the PlayStation Portal only supports PS5 streaming. The Backbone One is said to be compatible with PS5, Xbox, Steam, and native mobile games. Not to mention that your smartphone has Bluetooth headphones, but the Portal does not. Only you can determine which solution is best for you right now.

Backbone plans to update its USB-C Backbone One controllers to support the iPhone 15 through an Android app update. The controllers will be compatible with the iPhone 15 from the outset, with pre-orders opening on September 15 and the official release on September 22.

If you’re an iPhone user, pre-ordering the iPhone 15 today will allow you to experience its compatibility with the Backbone One controller when it is officially released on September 22. On the other hand, if you can’t wait and want a gaming controller immediately, purchasing the Backbone One now will provide you with instant Android and iPhone 15 compatibility.