iphone 14 release date

The iPhone 14 is coming in 2022 – nearly in September, and it will arrive as an observation up to the fantastic iPhone 13 range. And whilst it is a way off yet, leakers have already begun revealing feasible specs, and there are even unofficial renders of the smartphone online.

But the rumors so ways are promising, pointing to a totally new design for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, a definitely new model dubbed the iPhone 14 Max, and some giant camera upgrades.

iPhone 14: what you need to know

iPhone 14 release date: There aren’t any release date rumors yet, but Apple almost always unveils new iPhone models in September.

iPhone 14 price: Pricing is unknown, but for reference, the iPhone 13 started at $799 and prices may be similar for the next models.

Design: The iPhone 14 will probably look a lot like the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could get a punch-hole camera instead of a notch. There might also be a big-screen iPhone 14 Max in place of an iPhone 14 mini.

Display: The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro could have 6.1-inch (or 6.06-inch) 1170 x 2532 OLED screens, while the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max could have 6.7-inch (or 6.68-inch) 1284 x 2778 OLED screens. Expect a 120Hz refresh rate on the Pro models and a 60Hz refresh rate on the others.

Camera: The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could have 48MP main cameras (up from 12MP on the current models). Other specs are unclear, but a triple-lens snapper on all but the standard iPhone 14 is likely, with the basic phone instead of having two rear lenses.

Specs: Every iPhone 14 model is expected to have a powerful A16 Bionic chipset, but the Pro models could additionally have 8GB of RAM (up from a maximum of 6GB currently) and up to 2TB of storage (up from a current maximum of 1TB).

Battery: Little is known about the battery yet, but there are claims that the capacity could increase, with the phones getting thicker to house their larger batteries.


 iPhone 14 will be released yet, but we can take a very good guess at this, as Apple tends to announce new models around the same time each year, usually at a special event.

The iPhone 13 was unveiled on September 14, 2021, and it shipped on September 24. While we probably won’t see the iPhone 14 on those exact dates in 2022, Apple tends to unveil the new models on either the first or second Tuesday in September, which would mean either September 6 or September 13.

Then they usually go up for pre-order the Friday of that week, meaning September 9 or 16, and ship the following Friday, so September 16 or 23.

Occasionally Apple will announce the phones on the first or second Wednesday instead, but around those dates seems very likely anyway. The iPhone 12 range was an exception to this, landing in October 2020, but that was thanks to delays and supply issues caused by Covid-19.


iPhone 14’s design comes from one huge leak, which consists of unofficial renders of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

You can see one of these below, and it consists of a punch-hole camera as a substitute for a notch, with the Face ID components most likely being beneath the screen. It additionally doesn’t absolutely have a camera bump, with the lenses sitting nearly flat on the returned – an issue that is apparently done by means of making the phone thicker.

The back is a semi-glossy glass, the volume buttons are proven to be round, and it curiously has titanium sides, in place of stainless steel on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can additionally see that there’s nevertheless a triple-lens camera and a Lightning port.

The colors proven right here aren’t official (though the supply claims to have viewed a rose gold model), and it’s really worth additionally noting that this design is thinking to solely observe to the Pro models, with the iPhone 14 (and iPhone 14 Max if there is one) in all likelihood to nevertheless have a notch. It’s no longer currently clear which if any of the different design details right here ought to make it to the general models.

We would of course take this with a large supporting of salt, in particular as it comes from Jon Prosser, who has a mixed track record, and as every other supply has said the iPhone 14 Pro vary will nonetheless have a notch (albeit a smaller one) – perhaps as nicely as a punch-hole.

But Prosser is frequently right, and each Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo (two leakers with great track records for Apple information) have when you consider that stated that the notch will be changed with a punch-hole camera, as greater currently has The Elec.

Another leaker has chimed in to say the equal too, even though they declare that the camera cut-out will be pill-shaped, suggesting that it would possibly be larger than most punch-hole cameras.

Ross Young – a supply-chain professional in the world of smartphone shows – has stated he believes the company will undertake a “hole + pill” design of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. That will imply a pill-shaped cutout, as nicely as a smaller gap that will nonetheless be visible.

All that said, Gurman has currently stated the iPhone 14 vary will consist of “a hole-punch-sized notch”, and it is no longer clear from that whether or not he skill a small notch or an actual punch-hole, so there may be nevertheless some uncertainty.

We’ve additionally heard similar about the design from any other source (Ross Young). Young has been talking about there being under-display Face ID in the iPhone 14 Pro vary considering the fact that June 2021, however, doesn’t appear as certain it will take place as Prosser, adding in September 2021 that under-display Face ID is nevertheless being labored on and isn’t remaining but – even though saying that it’s curiously less complicated to acquire than an in-screen camera.

Elsewhere, we’ve heard that the Pro models ought to use a titanium alloy for their frame. This would in all likelihood be better than the materials used in current models, and this source additionally claims there will be an iPhone 14 Max in place of an iPhone 14 mini.


iPhone 14 will have a 6.06-inch 1170 x 2532 OLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and 460 pixels per inch. The iPhone 14 Pro will apparently have similar screen specs, but with a 120Hz variable refresh rate.

Then the iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to have a 6.68-inch 1284 x 2778 OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and 458 pixels per inch. There’s also apparently going to be an iPhone 14 Max (taking the place of the mini) with basically the same screen specs but a 60Hz refresh rate.

Another source has also suggested that the two cheaper models will be stuck with 60Hz screens, just like in the current range. That said, we’ve more recently heard that Apple is considering a 120Hz screen for the iPhone 14 Max, but that the decision hasn’t yet been made.

A leak has also suggested that all four iPhone 14 models could have 120Hz screens. This is quite an old leak and is at odds with the one above, but this claim has been made again more recently, so we’re not sure what’s right here.

And there’s also a patent for a technology that could make the iPhone screen stronger, without making it any thicker. That would be a nice addition, but patents often don’t turn into anything, so don’t count on seeing this.


 the camera front, the unofficial renders above show the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a triple-lens camera, and indeed another source also points to that phone (and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max) having a triple-lens camera. The iPhone 14 meanwhile will apparently stick with two lenses.

So that doesn’t sound like much change from the iPhone 13 range, though the specifications of the lenses and sensors may well differ.

Indeed, Ming-Chi Kuo (an analyst with a great track record for Apple information) has claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will each have a 48MP main camera, up from 12MP on the current models. This would apparently be capable of recording 8K video, and it’s something he’s more recently reiterated, and in December 2021 reiterated again, so he seems very sure of this.

Plus, another analyst has also joined Kuo in that claim saying that they expect both the Pro models in 2022 to feature 48MP cameras. That isn’t confirmation, but it certainly helps Kuo’s original claim.

also, rumors of a periscope camera are in the works (for long-range optical zoom), and we’ve even seen a patent supporting these claims. However, most sources suggest this is further out – probably landing on the iPhone 15 or later.


One element we’re nearly positive of is that the iPhone 14 range will have a new chipset, probable referred to as the A16 or the A16 Bionic. According to Ross Young, this would be made on a 4nm process, which suggests it ought to be a real looking improve on the 5nm A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 range.

In fact, the process should even be moved down to 3nm, in accordance to DigiTimes (via MacRumors).

That said, we have greater currently heard that a 5nm process should be used as soon as again, as TSMC (the company that is producing the chipset) is curiously struggling to swap to a 3nm (or 4nm) process.

Another leak additionally suggests each the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will characteristic 8GB of RAM. 6GB of RAM is the most we have viewed on an iPhone, so far. Though we’ve got someplace else heard that each and every model will have 6GB of RAM, which would be an upgrade for the cheaper ones, however no longer for the Pro handsets.

On the storage front, the Pro models of the iPhone 13 extended the most amount of inside storage you ought to purchase from 512MB to 1TB, and we’re listening to that the iPhone 14 Pro phones should double that once more – all the way to 2TB.

Beyond that, some sources reckon we ought to see under-display Touch ID on the iPhone 14, although Mark Gurman (a leaker with a great track record for Apple information) has stated that whilst Apple apparently examined this, the company is now all-in on Face ID, so it sounds like this in all likelihood won’t show up – and if it does, it’s possibly to be as nicely as Face ID rather than instead.

Another rumored however not going feature is a change from a Lightning port to USB-C. Apple is reportedly thinking about this for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, however only one source has pointed in this direction, so we’re skeptical.

What the iPhone 14 range is certain to consist of although is 5G support, whilst a patent suggests it may additionally have a new shape of 3D Touch, which would use haptic comments to make interactions extra intuitive. But as with all patents, we wouldn’t count the number on something coming of this one.

There’s additionally talk that Apple should swap from a physical SIM card to an eSIM (which you would not be in a position to remove). The iPhone 13 range already has this however it is in addition to a physical one, now not instead. However, if Apple does go eSIM-only with any iPhone 14, it will possibly additionally provide models that have each kind.


So far we only have tidbits of info on the potential iPhone 14 specs. We’re rather confident that 2022’s iPhone will make use of an A-series chip design by Apple. Likely to be the A16, the chip will almost certainly offer a notable boost in both processor and graphics performance over the A15 Bionic tipped for the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 14 is tipped to feature a 4nm chip from TSMC, which would be even smaller and more efficient than the 5nm A15 Bionic slated for the iPhone 13. However, a recent report claims that TSMC is having a problem producing the smaller chips, which means the iPhone 14 could stick with a 5nm chipset. If so, it will be the first time an IPhone’s gone three years with the same-size system-on-chip.

See our take on a possible iPhone 14 4nm A16 Bionic chip and what it mean for you as analysts weigh in on the benefits. 

It’s also possible that the iPhone 14 will feature an Apple-made 5G modem, following Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s modem business. This would presumably give Apple more control over both the 5G performance and battery life impact. 

The chip will supposedly be paired with 8GB of RAM, for the iPhone 14 Pro models at least, which should give these phones a serious boost in performance. Apple’s approach to efficiency and tight control of both hardware and software from end-to-end has meant its iPhones have been able to match and beat the best Android phones with less onboard RAM. So there’s a good chance it could do a lot more with an extra 2GB of RAM, further making the iPhone a performance powerhouse. Advertisement

On other hand, analyst Jeff Pu predicts that all four iPhone 14 models will come with 6GB of RAM, which seems strange to us. 

On the storage side, we’d expect Apple to continue with the options it has for the iPhone 13 range, which start at 128GB and go up to 1TB for the Pro models. 

However, a rumor has the iPhone 14 tipped to get a huge 2TB of onboard storage. Given no Samsung phone offers this, and they’ve previously been generous with storage, we’re skeptical of an iPhone having the most storage on a smartphone to date. 

A separate analyst note from Jeff Pu says that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will start with 64GB of storage and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will start with a whopping 256GB. The latter is believable but not the former, as that would be half the storage in the regular iPhone 13. 

Apple could also launch an eSIM-only variant of the iPhone 14, according to claims by analyst Emma Mohr-McClune of GlobalDate. The move would bolster the iPhone’s appeal among users who need dual SIM capabilities, such as business users and overseas travelers.

iPhone 14 USB-C

A recurring rumor around the iPhone 14 is that it will drop the Lightning port and go for USB-C connectivity instead. As mentioned earlier, Prosser has expressed doubt on this being the case. But other leakers have touted the USB-C rumor, noting that the iPhone 14 Pro will come with USB-C. 

With the European Union looking to force device makers to adopt standardized charging and cables by 2024, the days of the Lightning port could be numbered; Apple has a big European presence after all. But the jury is out on whether Apple will make such a move in time for the iPhone 14. 

We’d welcome USB-C connectivity, given Apple’s iPads and MacBooks have adopted the port. But Apple can doggedly stick to its guns when it comes to the iPhone, so we’ll reserve out predictions until more rumors float to the surface. 

iPhone 14: Software

Assuming Apple sticks to the pattern it’s used for the better part of a decade, the iPhone 14 will launch with a new version of Apple’s iOS software when it arrives in the fall. Since we’re currently on iOS 15, the next version is all but certain to be iOS 16 (unless Apple ditches numbers like it did with macOS).

We haven’t heard anything about Apple’s planned software updates for iOS 16, and we’re unlikely to until the company’s annual developer conference, which is normally held in June. With iOS 15.2 bringing a number of changes to the iPhone in December, Apple’s already pretty busy on the software front.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro

Based on all of the rumors so far it looks like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could be in their own league. We say that because only the Pros are once again expected to offer telephoto zooms. But also because the new iPhone 14 Pros are tipped to offer in-display Touch ID, which would trade the notch for a punch hole display.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro models will reportedly get a much sharper main camera at 48MP, which would be higher than the 12MP shooter expected for the regular iPhone 14. And it’s possible that only the iPhone 14 Pros will get USB-C connectivity instead of a Lightning port. See our iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro comparison for more on the rumored differences. 

However, analyst Jeff Pu believes that Apple could give all four iPhone 14 models a 120Hz display this time around and all four could feature 6GB of RAM. 

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