Nintendo is targeting 4K visuals with the device,

Nintendo is getting to release an upgrade of the Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

The reports don’t enter specifics but cite that Nintendo is targeting increased computing power and 4K visuals with the new device.

Rumors regarding upgraded versions of the Nintendo Switch are circulating for years. But with the approaching release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PS5 consoles, there is a better chance that these reports might be accurate.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, a smaller, portable only version of the first edition was released last year, but the company has traditionally released multiple versions of consoles, particularly in its handheld lineup. Nintendo has also quietly released versions of the first edition with improved battery life, but those weren’t marketed or sold as a replacement model.

At the last count, Nintendo has sold over 60 million units of the Nintendo Switch, and therefore, the machine remains flying off shelves. Superficially there’s not a pressing reason for Nintendo to release an upgraded version. But if this upgrade exists, it might presumably be almost like upgrades Nintendo has through with consoles like DS and 3DS, or upgrades just like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X — consoles that are essentially an equivalent but provide an influence boost to existing (and future) games on the console.

What’s an honest price for the Switch?
Unsurprisingly, there is no “deal” to be had at the stores above; the worth is about firmly at $299.99, which is that the regular SRP. Indeed, it has been quite a while since we have seen any quite a Switch discount. (Holidays, 2019, if memory serves.)

That said, with bundles and used consoles selling for upwards of $400 or more, paying “only” the suggested retail price maybe a win on this product. (And don’t worry: Nintendo has already confirmed that it’s no plans for a Switch sequel this year.)