Nvidia RTX 4060 price

More specs for the approaching Nvidia RTX 40 Lovelace GPUs have surfaced online including the ones of the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 4070, and, possibly for the first time, the RTX 4060 as well. According to the leaked specs, the RTX 4090 will provide a 53% growth in CUDA core remember over the RTX 3090. The RTX 4060 may have a 30 W TGP growth over its predecessor, however, will apparently sport the simplest 8 GB VRAM this time.

we might get to see Nvidia use different GPUs for each SKU instead of reusing binned dies. The flagship RTX 4090 “BFGPU” could top out at 16,128 CUDA cores as leaked before. The very first leaks hinted at the full AD102 die featuring 18,432 CUDA cores, so it is likely that Nvidia would save it for a “4090 Ti” refresh down the line.

The RTX 4090 potentially packs 53% more CUDA cores than the RTX 3090. Factor in things like IPC increase, better efficiency due to the TSMC 6 nm, and the works, and we are staring at potentially double the performance compared to an RTX 3090.

Similarly, the RTX 4080 offers 23%, the RTX 4070 offers 25%, and the RTX 4060 a 26% increase in CUDA core counts over their corresponding RTX 30 Ampere counterparts.

We have also seen hints about an AD103 RTX 4080 and an AD104 RTX 4070 before. Now, we are also getting to know the specifications of the RTX 4060 for the first time.

The RTX 4060 is rumored to be based on the AD106 GPU with 36 streaming multiprocessors (SMs) and 4,608 CUDA cores. The card is rated for a total graphics power (TGP) of 200 W, which is about 30 W higher than that of the RTX 3060.

That catch here, though, is the 192-bit 8 GB of GDDR6X VRAM. We are not quite sure as to why the RTX 4060 is rumored to offer 4 GB less VRAM than the RTX 3060, that too with a similar memory configuration.

According to the leak, the configurations are as follows:

SpecRTX 4090RTX 4080RTX 4070RTX 4060
Streaming Multiprocessors126846036
CUDA Cores16,12810,7527,6804,608
Memory Configuration384-bit 24 GB GDDR6X256-bit 16 GB GDDR6X192-bit 12 GB GDDR6X192-bit 8 GB GDDR6X
TGP450 W350 W300 W200 W
RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and RTX 4070, RTX 4060 

Nvidia RTX 4060 release date, specs, price

First things first, as Kopite7kimi, one of the regular hardware leakers on Twitter shared, the RTX 4060 could demand more power than the current RTX 3070, which is rated at 220W.

 the power consumption of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 to theoretically be pitched over 220W (or perhaps at that level). Given that the RTX 2060 drew 160W and the 3060 demanded 170W, that’s something of a leap to 220W or more.

VideoCardz(opens in new tab), which spotted the above tweet, also pointed out fresh rumors as to the release timeframe of Nvidia’s RTX 4000 (Lovelace) GPUs, and for the first time, we’ve got a purported release date for the RTX 4060: January 2023 (in other words, a CES launch – the GPU will supposedly be initially revealed at the show, and go on sale probably at the end of the month).

That’s according to Wccftech’s(opens in new tab) sources, in a report which asserts that the RTX 4090 might launch in October, followed by the RTX 4080 in November, and then the RTX 4070 in December 2022, with the RTX 4060 following that.