in 2020 was quite the anticipated year for the computer game industry. We knew before 2020 hit that this is able to be the year that both the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft next-generation consoles would hit the marketplace.

Of course, by the time 2020 hit, there were many speculations that both companies would need to twiddling my thumbs on the launch simply thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. Fortunately for gamers, that wasn’t getting to be the case as both consoles are slated to hit the marketplace next month.

This was quite the weird year and for the next-generation computer game consoles, it meant that both Sony and Microsoft had to think a touch outside the box to showcase their consoles. Normally, we might see these companies attending big in-person conventions alongside touring their consoles around the various markets in order that players could try the games and consoles out. This was particularly troublesome for Sony as their next-generation console was aimed to supply more immersive experiences through the likes of their new controller and 3D audio technology.

As a result, both consoles didn’t get to form an enormous debut in-person for players to undertake out. Instead, both had to form the use of the web through various online streams to video uploads offering an indication and knowledge breakdown of their consoles. For Sony, we knew that the new controller, the DualSense, would offer players a couple of different unique experiences. the most important would be the haptic feedback from the vibration variations to the resistance triggers. Ideally, developers would be ready to replicate different aspects of the sport right onto the controller like walking on gravel to firing an arrow.

We are still waiting to ascertain the PlayStation 5 console get down to the market, but we do have a replacement video upload on Twitter from PressFire’s media publication. This new video shows off how the triggers react in action which is sort of impressive. you’ll see the triggers fighting back from being pushed down. However, this is often as close as most folks will get to experiencing this controller in action until the PlayStation 5 officially launches into the market on November 12, 2020.

Source: Twitter