SNK Neo Geo

SNK is releasing a brand new console in 2021, and it might not be just another retro mini console this time around.

the next-gen console launch has been a garbled mess of shortages and scalpers, and Cyberpunk 2077 has grown to become out to be about the same on last-gen consoles. We simply want 2021 to be a banger year to make up for all the harm that 2020 has caused.

Enter SNK, the Japanese video game company that’s been coasting on their classic video games from the ‘90s for the previous 20 years. After lately getting backed by using Saudi oil cash and seeing the mess that Sony and Microsoft are making of their next-gen rollouts, SNK should have determined the time used to be proper to once more enter the home console market with today’s announcement.

“A brand-new console is coming from SNK in 2021,” wrote SNK. “A system to bridge the needs of passionate followers and console gaming enthusiasts!”

Absolutely no extra information used to be provided, however, we can make a few assumptions primarily based on the image that SNK linked to the tweet. It’ll possibly still be called “Neo Geo” given the presence of the moniker, and there may be a wifi symbol so we can safely assume there will be on line functionality Possibly even a cloud-based platform like Google Stadia.

The WoW text appears to be a red herring until we’re mere days away from a partnership announcement between SNK and Blizzard. Which would be weird.

It’s been a very long time considering that SNK used to be somewhere close to the home console market. The final Neo Geo home console used to be the Neo Geo CD, which used to be discontinued in 1996. The Neo Geo Pocket used to be a bit extra successful as a handheld console however still could not stand up to the wrath of Nintendo outside of Japan. It was once discontinued back in 2001.

The Neo Geo Mini launched last year signaled SNK’s entry into the retro console business, however, anybody can launch a lower-priced mini console. Taking on the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will likely require a bit extra than nostalgia and new Metal Slug.

Source: SNK/Twitter