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Spotify launches 2020 Wrapped customized experience — the company’s popular year-end assessment of users’ preferred artists, songs, genres, and podcasts. This year, however, Spotify is making a few changes. For starters, Wrapped will be completely handy on cellular for Spotify users, whilst a net ride will provide a model of Wrapped for non-Spotify customers for the first time. To replicate Spotify’s persevering with funding in podcasts, Wrapped will additionally these 12 months consist of a deeper seem into users’ podcast listening habits. And it will encompass new features, like in-app quizzes, a “Story of Your 2020” committed to users’ top song of the year, new Wrapped badges, customized playlists, customization choices for social sharing, and different additions.

The feature will launch in the Spotify mobile app for iOS and Android in world markets to supply customers with their year-end insights. But non-users will get a style of Wrapped with a web version, the place Spotify will share its broader world listening trends, which include the most-streamed artist, pinnacle three podcasts, and different famous track insights.

the pinnacle spot with more than 8.3 billion streams in 2020. The pinnacle three podcasts, meanwhile, were The Joe Rogan Experience, TED Talks Daily, and The Daily.
This year, podcasts obtained more certain in Spotify Wrapped, as well. Though the feature had protected podcast insights in prior years, this aspect of the trip is being expanded in 2020 to consist of added metrics, like how many minutes customers spent listening to podcasts in 2020 and the most “binge-worthy” podcasts of the year.

Stories, naturally, will take a look in this year’s Wrapped, too. The company used to be recently noticed as testing a Stories function in its app — a continuation of tests Spotify commenced the last yr with Storylines and again in January 2020, when it first started out to allow influencers to publish Stories to introduce their playlists. Now, those influencers additionally include musicians themselves, in accordance with the latest tests.

In Wrapped, Spotify launches 2020 Wrapped is introducing “Story of Your 2020,” which indicates your top track from the year from its first circulate to its 100th movement and several milestones in between.

Premium customers will gain access to new badges this year based totally on how they listened. Some will earn the “Tastemaker” badge if their playlists gained followers; others will earn a “Pioneer” badge for listening to songs first, earlier than they hit 50,000 streams. The third badge, “Collector,” will be awarded to those who added some range of songs to their playlists this year.

2020 Wrapped arrives today on iOS and Android. Later today, Spotify will also roll out its Wrapped creator experience for podcasters and artists.

longest song on spotify

free hulu with spotify 2020

Spotify no longer has the Premium & Hulu bundle, and currently only offers the bundle of 3 services in the US for the student discount: Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime.

Spotify no longer has the Premium & Hulu bundle, and currently only offers the bundle of 3 services in the US for the student discount: Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime.

I’d recommend keeping an eye on spotify.com for future deals and promotional offers.

the conclusion is there is no free Hulu with Spotify 2020