Razer's Xbox Series X/S

If the regular Xbox Controller isn’t quite your cup of tea, perhaps Razer’s latest offering is what you have been expecting. Just a few weeks after unveiling its latest Xbox headsets, the corporate revealed the primary controller it’s designed for Xbox Series X and Series S.

Razer's Xbox Series XS

The Razer’s Wolverine V2 includes Razer’s Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons and Mecha-Tactile D-Pad. The buttons have a lower actuation distance (0.65mm). that gives 35 percent faster actuation than the quality Xbox Controller, Razer suggests. the corporate also says the buttons have “a 3 million-tap life cycle,” therefore the peripheral should be pretty durable.

The controller has two extra programmable buttons. like the Wolverine Ultimate (which works with the new consoles), you’ll customize the Wolverine V2’s buttons. There’s also a Hair-Trigger Mode with trigger stop sliders for the bumpers, which could are available handy when you’re trying to fireside weapons quickly during a first-person shooter.
From a usability standpoint, we prefer that Razer moved the Xbox system-level buttons (menu, view) closer to the left analog stick and face buttons. The share button, which is new to the Xbox Series X / S controller, is here also, and you’ll find that in between the D-pad and right analog stick. Beneath it’s a handy audio configuration button that’s wont to adjust the volume on the fly while connected to your Xbox. Holding it in while pressing up or down on the D-pad will tweak the sport audio in your headset, which may hook up with this controller via its bottom-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack. By holding this button and tapping left or right on the D-pad, you’ll adjust the chat volume.

Really, nothing else is new with the Wolverine V2, but there are still some surprises here if you haven’t yet used the Raion fight pad made for PS4. This one features “mecha-tactile” switches under the D-pad and face buttons. The result’s a group of buttons that are quiet, yet more tactile than feel during a controller. Each press feels more precise and requires less effort to push, actuating at 1.2mm. If you would like to game quietly to avoid waking people up, this is often far quieter than the clacking sounds the quality Xbox One controller produces once you repeatedly mash the face buttons.
The analog sticks are large, concave, and have a crosshair-shaped etching in their middle serving as an aid to stay your thumb centered. It’s nothing special, but they feel even as responsive and well-made as Microsoft’s. Triggers are probably where this controller differs the foremost from the pack-in controller, and as someone who’s wont to the sensation of Microsoft’s LT and RT triggers, used to be initially thrown off by those on the Wolverine V2, which seem to supply a touch less travel distance.

Razer – Wolverine Tournament Edition Officially Licensed Xbox One Wired Gaming Controller For PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S – Black bestbuy:$108.99

The Wolverine V2 has two extra buttons next to the triggers called M1 and M2 because the previous version did also. They’re just like the macros you’d find on a keyboard therein you’ll customize what they are doing within the Razer Controller Setup for the Xbox app on Xbox consoles or PC. as an example, one is often assigned to exchange standard buttons like X, A, abreast of the D-pad, a trigger, or clicking within the left analog stick, to call a couple of examples. you’ll also assign them to quickly adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks.
Despite a price-cutting from its previous generation, $100 remains tons of cash for the Wolverine V2 as long as most people’s needs are well met by the quality Xbox One or Series X / S controller. But if you’re someone who wants more functionality and you don’t want to pay $180 for Microsoft’s more feature-complete Elite Series 2, this new controller may be a solid choice that splits the difference.

Razer claims the peripheral has “superior ergonomics” with non-slip rubber grips and a contoured design that “provides a natural grip.” The $100 Wolverine V2 is out there today from Razer’s website and retail locations, alongside other retailers.

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