Asus is gearing up to unveil the newest addition to their ROG Ally series, building upon the success of the initial two models introduced last year. The upcoming ROG Ally X is not a brand new iteration, but rather an upgraded version that incorporates valuable feedback from early adopters.

Although a true ROG Ally 2 is currently in the works, the Ally X serves as a refined version of the original device. Think of it as a mid-generation refresh for a conventional gaming console. The forthcoming model will retain the same chipset and screen as its predecessor, with a primary focus on improving the overall user experience rather than introducing major performance or quality upgrades.

Asus has recently introduced the latest version of their gaming gadget, the Ally X, specifically tailored to address the major concerns raised by gamers. One of the most notable improvements is the incorporation of a larger battery, a direct response to the feedback received from users of the original Ally model. Shawn Yen, Senior Vice President at Asus, highlighted that the new device will offer a significant boost in battery capacity, surpassing the expectations of consumers.

Along with the upgraded battery, the Ally X will feature increased RAM and an expanded SSD slot, facilitating easier customization and upgrades based on user preferences. The device’s design will also undergo significant changes, including a heavier build to accommodate the larger battery, as well as revamped grips and enhancements to input elements like joysticks, D-pad, and triggers.

Asus is taking proactive steps to address thermal issues that have been reported to cause damage to SD cards in the ROG Ally X. The company is implementing significant design changes to the motherboard layout in order to mitigate this problem. While Asus has not officially acknowledged any design flaws, the adjustments are being made to prevent further issues.

Gabriel Meng, the senior product manager at Asus, has clarified that the relocation of the SD card reader is a necessary step to accommodate the revised board layout. He stressed that this modification is crucial for ensuring the overall functionality and performance of the device.

The official unveiling of the updated ROG Ally X is set for June 2, with a planned release in the second half of 2024. Asus has hinted that the improvements made to the X model will result in a higher price point compared to the base model, which currently sells for $600. Despite the introduction of the X variant, the original ROG Ally will still be available for purchase.