Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S revitalizes that classic gaming accessory, the memory card. However, unlike those relics, the oldest of which could only hold 16 approximately saves, the Seagate Expansion Card can pack tens of the newest AAA titles and permit the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to access them at equivalent super-fast speeds because it can with its internal storage.


Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Xbox Series X|S optimized games require an SSD to be installed. Unfortunately, meaning that USB HDDs are relegated to getting used to backward-compatible games only. rather than going with an off-the-shelf product, Microsoft worked with Seagate to develop the Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S. It comes in one size only, 1TB, which may be a hefty amount of storage for such a little package.

The expansion card is round the size of an ingenious PS1 memory card and works much in an equivalent way. It comes with a protective cap that covers the metallic connector when the cardboard isn’t in use. After removing the lid, users just need to slide it into the socket on the rear of their console, and installation is complete.

After the expansion card is installed, players just got to boot up their Xbox Series X|S console. the cardboard is preformatted, and after the console shows the pop-up that it’s been installed, it’s ready to be used.

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Seagate Storage for Xbox Series

The Xbox consoles have an internal SSD which will read a data stream at 2.4GB/s or a compressed one at 4.8GB/s. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S has direct access to the console’s Velocity Architecture and matches the internal drive’s performance. this means that games installed on the expansion card will perform precisely an equivalent as if they were installed on the internal SSD.

If users want expanded SSD storage that’s compatible with Xbox Series X|S optimized games, then the expansion card is that the only option. Fortunately, it’s affordable at $219.99, which is cheaper than comparable PCIe 4.0 m.2 drives.

I’m not usually a fan of proprietary storage, I still have a chip on my shoulder from the PS Vita, but the fair price and ease-of-use make the expansion card tons more palatable. Given the reliability of HDD-based Seagate Game Drives, this product may be a good investment and effectively doubles storage for the Series X and provides players 150% more room for the Series S.