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Have you tried to play The Witcher before? Not the massively famous third one, mind, however CD Projekt’s 2008 series-starter. It’s a little uglier, a little jankier, and Geralt’s face doesn’t look pretty so dashing. But it’s also now free for every person who downloads the GOG Galaxy client, letting you jump returned into Geralt’s boots for nary a crown.

I’ve no idea how it performs these days myself. But at the very least, it’s a neat insight into the studio’s records ahead of Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch next week.

GOG is giving you the probability to experience Geralt’s early adventures for free. You can get your fingers on The Witcher: Enhanced Edition by putting in GOG Galaxy’s latest client.

“Starting today, all GOG GALAXY customers can claim a FREE GOG copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut, if they decide to continue to be in touch with us,” reads the promotional page. As it suggests, you’ll have to deploy the latest model of the client in order to get your arms on the game.

There’s now not much else to it, simply make sure you have the latest version of GOG Galaxy and hit the banner for the game under the ‘recent’ tab, and the game should then exhibit up in your Library. The Witcher is the game that commenced it all for CD Projekt Red. It’s not precisely the most polished game out there, however, it gives a remarkable perspective on how the series has evolved.

One of the main approaches the series advanced was in terms of world-building; the way the writers fleshed outside characters in The Witcher three added to the universal flavor of the narrative. Check out our feature on “The Witcher 3: Why I Love Bart, The Troll Guarding Count Reuven’s Treasure,” to see what we mean.