The series “See” with Jason Momoa goes into its final round on August 26. To whet your appetite, the streaming service Apple TV+ is temporarily offering the first season of the series for free for everyone.

In plain language, this means that you can watch Season 1 of “See” in its entirety even without a subscription to Apple TV+. How long do you have time for that? Well, according to Apple, Season 1 of “See – Rich of the Blind” will be available for free on Apple TV+ until August 28, 2022.

Sure, if you want to continue watching after Season 1, you can’t avoid a subscription to Apple TV+. But then you can decide that afterward.

The third season of the post-apocalyptic drama, See will premiere on August 26 and will air weekly thereafter.

See Season 3 Release Date: When can we expect it?

In November 2019, the first season of SEE started to air on Apple TV, even though its second season was postponed until August 2021 amid COVID filming delays. Season 1 consisted of eight episodes that aired from November 1, 2019, to December 6, 2019. Season 2 will have eight episodes, with the first one releasing on August 27, 2021, and the last one showing on October 15, 2021.

Since Season 3 is filming already from June 2021, however, there will probably be little time left for fans to wait until the next installment. Due to the history of See’s production, it seems that See season 3 will arrive in late summer or fall 2022 on Apple TV+.

See Season 3 Cast: Who is going to join? 

See tv-series is often a shocking series of high stakes. At least one of the confirmed characters in the 2nd season is likely to be unpopular next season. But for now, who might be in the third installment is worth running.

If they survive the next season, they expect the main casts to return to Season 3: Momoa, Baba, Maghera, Hera Hilmar, Kane, Alfre Woodard, Paris, Henry, Haniwa, and Kofun.

Moreover, Galaxy actor Dave Bautista’s guardians, as the brother of and nemesis Baba Edo Voss, will play a major role in Season II, so the fans will have to wait and see if they do this in the next season. In addition, Adrian Paul (plays Lord Harlan character), David Hewlett, Eden Epstein, Hoon Lee (Mech Cadets), Olivia Cheng (Warrior), Tamara Tunie (Cowboy Bebop), Tom Mison, and other cast members of Season 2 could potentially return in season 3.