Apple Watch 6 Everything you want to know

apple watch 6

The Apple Watch 6 release date will likely be towards the top of 2020, alongside the iPhone 12, but that does not mean we’re clueless towards the smartwatch – leaks, rumors, and other sources of data are beginning to paint an image at the upcoming piece of tech.

Apple has been gearing us up for the Watch 6 too, with the revealing and beta launch of its new software watchOS 7. Sure, this is often set to return to older Apple Watches too, but it’s designed with the longer-term smartwatch in mind, so it gives us some idea of what to expect within the new device.

The Apple Watch 5 was an excellent smartwatch, but its successor is about to repair a number of that gadget’s issues and convey even more improved features and specs, perhaps with newer ways to use the tech alongside your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve collected everything we’ve heard about the Apple Watch 6, and you’ll read it all below. Take it with some pinches of salt, given pre-launch information for tech can and is usually wrong, but it helps paint an image of the new Apple device.

Below the leaks and rumored information, you’ll find our list of the items we would like most from the Apple Watch 6 to form a considerable upgrade on the Apple Watch 5.

That wearable was good, but it wasn’t an enormous upgrade on the Apple Watch 4, so we’re hoping for more this point around.

Latest Apple Watch 6 news: The Apple Watch 6 appears to possess been listed on a politician database, backing up another recent leak that means the wearable is going to be announced via handout on September 8.

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 release date and price

Except for the first Apple Watch, each new model has launched in September of their respective years, so we’re fairly confident that it’ll land in September this year.

More specifically, supported the times and dates that Apple tends to release new models we’ll probably see the Apple Watch 6 on September 8 or 15.

The former date has now been tipped by one established leaker. saying that the Apple Watch 6 is going to be announced via handout (meaning no proper event) on the week commencing September 7.

That almost certainly means Tuesday, September 8, given Apple’s past form which September 7 may be a holiday within the US.

That’s not when you’ll be ready to pip out though – expect to attend roughly 10 days from the announcement to the on-sale date.

It’s also unclear if the Covid-19 pandemic will have impacted Apple’s schedule. There are various rumors about the iPhone 12 being delayed for this reason, and it’s going to be an identical situation for the Apple Watch 6.

That said, we’ve not heard any rumors suggesting an Apple Watch 6 delay, so September 8 is our greatest guess for now. Especially because the upcoming wearable appears to possess now been listed on a politician database (as lately August) – something that tends to happen quite on the brink of launch.

As for price, it’s likely to cost a minimum of the maximum amount because the Apple Watch 5, meaning a starting price of a minimum of $399 / £399 / AU$649.

Apple Watch 6 display and design

We’re already hearing a couple of rumors about the Apple Watch 6, including the likelihood that it could switch to a replacement screen type. The Apple Watch 5 uses an OLED screen, but a report suggests the Apple Watch 6 might use microLED.

The main advantage of microLED is that it should be more power-efficient, which could mean the Apple Watch 6 would have better battery life.

All of this said, there has also been a newer report that suggests the Apple Watch 6 will feature the precise same screen because the Apple Watch 5.

Another possible change to the screen is that the addition of a slightly ID fingerprint scanner. Currently, the Apple Watch range doesn’t have any biometric security, but building a scanner into the screen would be a slick thanks to offering it.

This theory is predicated on a patent, and you’ll see a related image above. The patent explains that this might be achieved by moving the wireless antennas to the strap so there’s more room for other components under the screen.

It’s a change that also as potentially creating space for a fingerprint scanner could theoretically leave room for a bigger battery. it might however limit the power for third-party companies to supply straps, and certainly mean that strap replacements would be very expensive.

Don’t expect the Apple Watch 6 to seem drastically different compared to previous versions of the smartwatch either. Trusted analyst Jon Prosser has said he believes the Apple Watch 6 will look almost like older devices.

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 features and specs

One new feature the Apple Watch 6 might get is that the ability to trace your temperature. This was spotted in an Apple patent for improved yoga tracking, which might better be ready to judge your pose and energy expenditure.

so that too might be included, but it works partially through temperature measurements, which could have wider health and fitness uses.

We know now because of the watchOS 7 betas that the Apple Watch 6 (along with other Apple watches) will finally offer native sleep tracking too. This comes as no surprise though, as it has been rumored for a short time.

The Apple Watch range already supports third-party sleep tracking apps, but surprisingly Apple still doesn’t offer its own, so this has been an extended time coming.

Another massive leak meanwhile suggests better parental controls are coming, alongside new ‘tachymeter’ distance-tracking markings (a feature on traditional analog wristwatches) ringing the Apple Watch face. Also revealed within the leak: the Watch 6 could get the potential to watch blood oxygen levels and warn wearers if those drops low enough to risk asystole. And, predictably, better ECG.

A later prediction by Prosser elaborated on the utilization for the blood oxygen level tracking: combine it with pulse monitoring, and therefore the smartwatch might be ready to tell when the wearer is hyperventilating.

This could tip the watch off that the wearer has a scare, and will tell the wearer to prevent or steer (if driving) and coach them into breathing until the attack passes. this might be the psychological state tracking that a previous rumor hinted at.

Blood oxygen tracking may be a feature that we’ve heard a rumored variety of times at now, including through supply chain sources, so it’s looking very likely.

Another feature we’d see is that the ability for the Apple Watch to inform if you’re in peril of drowning and get in touch with the emergency services if so.

this concept is predicated on an Apple patent which details a system where a tool could detect if you’re in say, open water, or saltwater, then supported your calendar and site data compute precisely where you’re and whether you likely intended to be therein water.

And also as new features, the Apple Watch 6 may additionally sport improved water resistance and wireless connectivity, also as faster general performance. None of that’s surprising, except perhaps water resistance, since the Apple Watch 5 is already waterproof to depths of fifty meters.

Elsewhere, we even have some ideas of the possible battery size, as Apple batteries of 262.9mAh, 265.9mAh, and 303.8mAh are spotted passing through the South Korean regulatory process. The Apple Watch 5 had a 296mAh battery, so these would be the proper kind of size for a successor, with the three different sizes likely accounting for the various configurations and sizes of Watch 6.

A big departure for an upcoming Apple Watch meanwhile could also be a switch to a digital crown instead of the rotating option that sits on every Apple Watch model.

There’s no guarantee this may be included on the Watch 6, but it’s going to be something the corporate is experimenting with because of a patent that we have seen from the corporate.

What we want to see

  • Better battery life
  • More fitness features
  • A dimmer option for the always-on screen
  • Always-on for all apps
  • Sleep tracking
  • Improved syncing
  • A circular screen