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Cyberpunk 2077 Information Braindance – Security System, Yorinobu’s Datapad, Relic

On the hunt for the Cyberpunk 2077 Relic biochip? You might also have simply hopped into the Cyberpunk 2077 braindance editor for a second time, however, there are a few clues to locate in the Arasaka penthouse earlier than you can stumble on the biochip you are searching for. Your virtual day trip to Konpeki Plaza may not belong, and you may uncover all the facts you want ahead of your next mission.

You’ll spend most of your time zooming around in Editing Mode in the braindance editor, however, sense free to watch the whole recording from Evelyn’s factor of view as this is a non-compulsory objective. To save you some time scrubbing thru the timeline, I’m right here to spotlight when and the place you want to be scanning the room for hints. Here’s how to find the Relic in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Relic location: The Information quest guide

We understand there are three layers to the braindance editor: Visual, thermal, and audio. You’ll want to swap between all three to ace this mission, as nicely as rewinding and fast-forwarding via the timeline. Just faucet Shift on your keyboard to swap between layers as you go. Hold E to speedy forward, Q to rewind, and space to play/pause.

T-Bug guides you thru the first step and tells you to pay attention to the dialog Yorinobu is having. Switch to the audio layer and scan (hover over the magnifying glass icon) the video feed on the wall to affirm the sound source.

Pause at 00:33 to scan his phone. Now you can take a seat returned and listen to Yorinobu’s phone call for a few moments. At around 01:10 on the timeline guidelines that any other clue is on the way, but you may not hear it until 01:30 when the individual on the phone reveals that the Relic requires specific storage prerequisites and recommends Yorinobu study the documentation.

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T-Bug prompts you to seem for the Relic documents, so open up the visual layer. Speed ahead to 02:44 and head over to Yorinobu’s bedroom. He’s leaning on the mattress with the datapad in hand geared up for you to scan. You learn that the Relic is in a thermal case due to the fact it wishes to be saved in cold conditions.

While in the visual layer, rewind to 02:38 and scan the object at the give up of Yorinobu’s bed. On a cabinet, you may discover a loaded gun. Remember this when you take on the Heist mission as you will definitely want to take hold of this Iconic item.

Scan for thermal clues to find the Relic

Toggle the thermal layer, and position yourself next to Evelyn at 02:38. You must be at the corner of Yorinobu’s bedroom searching in. On the proper wall, high up is a vent. At 02:42 you can see the cold air get away from the unit. Scan this and T-Bug will let you comprehend that the temperature fits the data in the documents, however, it is not going the biochip is in there. Rewind to 02:02 and scan the Champagne and ice bucket on the table in the middle of the essential room (close to Evelyn and Yorinobu). At 00:57 you can scan the fridge Evelyn’s standing next to dispose of that possibility. Finally, scrub returned to 00:41 in the thermal layer to locate the hidden secure in the left corner of the foremost room.

Optional: Scan the apartment’s security systems

Now switch to the visual layer and rewind back to the first clue (show as a bar on the timeline). Rewind to 00:19 and pause. You can now scan the motion sensor camera on the wall, close to the entrance. You can also scan the alarm system, which is located below, on the wall to the right of the camera.

Scan the apartment’s security system

This objective isn’t mandatory, but it’s good to be prepared – after all, you’re going to rob the place soon, so it’s best to know what to expect. There are five security devices you need to identify and analyze – two alarms, two cameras, and one automatic turret. First off, make sure you’re in the visual layer. As soon as you step off the elevator, you’ll find three – one alarm on the right, one on the left, and a camera up and to the right. There’s also a camera above the big projector screen in the middle of the room.

cyberpunk 2077 scan apartment security system

The only one left is the turret. To spot it, you’ll have to wait for Arasaka and Evelyn to head into the bedroom. It’s on the ceiling, between the bedroom and living room, and you can spot it around 02:09 in the recording. There’s also a Liberty pistol by the bed – if scanning the five devices doesn’t mark the objective as complete, make sure you check that out too.

Scan Yorinobu’s datapad while it’s turned on

We wasted a lot of time on this one, looking for the exact moment when the datapad is on. Truth is, you need to fast forward a bit. The only time it’s on and you can actually look at what’s on the screen is while Yorinobu’s putting it in the nightstand. You’ll find that moment around 02:45 – just make sure you’re in the visual layer.

cyberpunk 2077 yorinobu's datapad

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