FIFA 21 pre-order news with the anticipation of the new FIFA game beginning to build, Goal brings you everything we know so far


The launch of following FIFA game – FIFA 21 – is coming in 2020 and, as EA Sports boffins work on the finer details, eager gamers have already got it on their wishlist.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the whole world, and industries everywhere are impacted, including football, so it remains to be seen exactly what proportion the new game is going to be affected.

EA Sports has been drip-feeding bits of data though and Goal takes a glance at things like subsequent FIFA release date, what proportion it’ll cost, consoles it’ll be playable on and more.

When is FIFA 21 released?

FIFA 21 is going to be released on October 9, 2020, having been pushed back from its usual late September slot after EA Sports’ plans were disrupted by the coronavirus.

Early access is typically granted to those that pre-order the sport, meaning they’re ready to play beforehand of that date – this year, FIFA 21 Early Access is going to be available on October 6.

With E3 canceled for 2020, EA Sports was set to announce its upcoming roster of titles during a digital event called EA Play Live 2020 on June 5.

This announcement was delayed until June 18 thanks to the present political climate within us and therefore the protests around racism.

“With the important conversations happening and important voices being heard around the world immediately, we’re moving our time to return together live,” EA wrote on Twitter.

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What is the price of FIFA 21?

The standard edition of FIFA 21 costs £59.99 within the UK and $59.99 within the US.

EA Sports has, in recent years, launched a variety of various editions – like Champions Edition and supreme Edition – which cost slightly quite the quality edition.

FIFA 21 Champions Edition costs £79.99 within the UK and $79.99 within the US.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition has been confirmed as £89.99 and $99.99 on the Xbox and Playstation official stores.

Extra perks for FIFA Ultimate Team players like gold packs, special FUT kits, and Icons is that the reason for the difference between the worth of the editions included some.

Which consoles will FIFA 21 be out on?

Given the proximity of these dates, it might seem logical for EA Sports to figure in tandem with Sony and Microsoft to make sure that the new release is out there to play immediately.

Google Stadia, which was launched in 2019, didn’t have FIFA 20, but a push may be going to be made to form a game like FIFA 21 available.

Once again, the Switch version of the sport is going to be a ‘Legacy Edition’ with no new game modes or gameplay changes, but featuring updated squads and kits.


When can I pre-order FIFA 21?

Gamers can pre-order FIFA 21 variety of months before the discharge date, with the pre-order period beginning on June 18 to coincide with the launch announcement of the sport.

There are a couple of inducements for gamers to pre-order the sport, like cheaper prices, early access, and supreme Team perks.

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What new features will FIFA 21 have?


Next Level features Controller Haptics on PS5 to supply responsive haptic feedback, faster load times, an improved lighting system to form the sport look more realistic, spatialized audio for a more immersive stadium experience, and off-ball humanization where players look and feel more like their real-life counterparts.

Career Mode improvements

Issues with Career Mode blighted the launch of FIFA 20 and fans of this a part of the sport is looking forward to improvements to be implemented therein regard.

EA Sports has indicated that a replacement ‘Quick Sim’ option is going to be available on FIFA 21 and you’ll be ready to jump in and out of games to influence the direction of the season.

You will even be ready to improve players’ abilities with a replacement Active Training System – which can facilitate the creation of group training sessions to figure on areas of weakness.

Enhanced opposition AI also will be a feature of the new game, with fresh ways to handle transfers – like loan-to-buy with optional or mandatory future fees – being unrolled.

Gameplay augmentation is going to be a feature of FIFA 21, with new attacking systems like Agile Dribbling, Positioning Personality, and artistic Runs providing greater control over player movement.

Goalmouth scrambles, possession battles, and attacking duels will “resolve more naturally” to make a more realistic, smoother playing experience.

Competitor Mode will give opposition to better tactical understanding and capacity to tug off skill moves, making the sport more competitive.

New Icons

Each new FIFA title sees new Icons joining the roster of heroes from seasons gone and FIFA 21 is not any different.

Eric Cantona returns as an Icon in FIFA 21 and features in a number of the promotional imagery.

Some of the opposite popular new Icons are Ferenc Puskas, Xavi, and Nemanja Vidic, also as Ashley Cole and Fernando Torres.

Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 will feature FUT Co-Op, which can allow you to the team – cooperate – together with your friends to compete for FUT rewards and fulfill Co-Op Objectives.

Fitness cards are going to be no more in FIFA 21 which means players will see their stamina recharged fully after a game.

The removal of coaching cards also will stop people from boosting attributes to form players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo unstoppable.

In Division Rivals, there’ll now be a cap of 40 games which will go towards a player’s rank, meaning that playing a ridiculous volume of games is disincentivized.


FIFA’s street football addition Volta will have a greater social element thereto with Volta Squads, which can allow you to play with up to 3 friends online, also as join the community of other Volta players.

There will be all-new apparel to settle on from within the customization of your player, while Featured Battles is an addition that will see you compete for points and rewards.

As well as that, there’ll be a couple of more venues to play in, including Sao Paulo, Milan, and Dubai.

Will VAR be in FIFA 21?

The introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is the biggest change to football within the era, with contentious decisions and moments now up for review.

Despite first being unrolled in 2017, VAR won’t be a feature of FIFA 21 – meaning it’ll be the third successive title without the new aspect of the sport.

More official leagues & clubs

One area which FIFA can’t be faulted much for is that of official licensing and therefore the game has long featured a huge array of clubs from across the planet.

However, since FIFA 20 Juventus are referred to as Piemonte Calcio and Barcelona are without a home as there’s no Camp Nou. Those particular quirks will continue because of Konami boasting exclusive rights.

There could also be no Juventus officially within the game, but EA Sports did secure an exclusive effect AC Milan and Inter, though they’re going to not have AS Roma (who will reportedly appear as Roma FC).

There is arguably something of a licenced race occurring between the 2 brands, so it’ll be interesting to ascertain what else happens.