Limited-Edition Black Unity Apple Watch Series 6

Apple is including a new limited-edition version of its Apple Watch Series 6 as properly as a new sport band as part of its celebrations for Black History Month. Available beginning Monday, the new hardware is part of what Apple is calling the Black Unity Collection, a group of products designed to “celebrate and renowned Black records and Black culture.”

The limited-edition Watch, which begins at the equal $399 (£379 and AU$599) for the 38mm GPS version or $499 for the 38mm mobile model, appears mostly comparable to different Apple Watches however has the words “Black Unity” laser-etched into the back cryst

The customized Apple Watch has a Space Gray aluminum case inscribed with the words “Black Unity” on the back. The watch comes with a Black Unity Sport Band that Apple says was once inspired by using the coloration of the Pan-African flag, and the band’s metal pin has a customized laser-etched message that reads “Truth – Power – Solidarity.”

The sport band, which runs $49 (£49 and AU$69), makes use of coloring “inspired” by using the pan-African flag and has the words “Truth. Power. Solidarity.” laser-engraved onto the internal of the fastening pin.

Apple says the limited-edition Watch is available in over 38 countries and regions.

In addition to the new hardware, Apple unveiled a new Unity watch face as part of WatchOS 7.3 and a limited-edition award notification for those who close their Move rings for seven days in a row in February.

Both devices are reachable at Apple and Target stores, although the limited-edition Watch will solely be reachable for the month of February. Apple says that the new band will be reachable year-round.

Apple additionally plans to donate and “support” six international agencies as part of the Black Unity Collection: the Black Lives Matter Support Fund by means of the Tides Foundation; the European Network Against Racism; the International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights; the Leadership Conference Education Fund; the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; and the Souls Grown Deep Foundation.

It is unclear, however, if any of the proceeds of the Collection’s hardware sales will go to the groups. For its Product (RED) devices, Apple donates an element of these sales to assist fund HIV/AIDS remedy programs. CNET has reached out to Apple for a remark and will replace it if they respond.

The new hardware and Watch facets are simply a part of Apple’s plans to celebrate Black History Month. Apple says it will additionally spotlight Black-owned businesses, developers, and apps in the App Store and curate and highlight content in a wide variety of its apps which include Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books beginning on Monday.

Rafael Zeier has shared a German-language unboxing on YouTube:

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