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Sony Playstation 5 : Free V-Bucks

There’s a new unique challenge on the go for all PlayStation gamers of Spain and the rest of the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic Games has commenced Peak Warrior, a competition in collaboration with Sony consoles to provide the chance to get free turkey and subscriptions of 3 months to PlayStation Plus. This marketing campaign will be on hand from December 17 to 24 of the identical month, here we inform you how to participate.

Hunters of Midgard! Participate with your best time in the Peak Warrior challenge.

Enter “The Fastest Viking” Creative Island from December 17-24 for a chance to win a 3-month PlayStation Plus membership and V-Bucks!

How to take part in Fortnite: Peak Warrior and get free V-Bucks and PlayStation Plus subscriptions

Hunters of Midgard! It’s time to prove that you are amongst the quality Vikings through collaborating in the speed challenge, Peak Warrior.

It must be noted that this one-of-a-kind opposition is exclusive to the variations of Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The opposition is carried out through means of the creative island referred to as The Fastest Viking, created by way of community member Hooshen. In order to take part you should follow these steps:

Enter Fortnite Creative mode: and play The Fastest Viking Island under the code 7574-1494-3834. Complete the prepared circuit in the shortest time possible: be sure to record your ride (as you’ll want to share a YouTube hyperlink with your nice time to show the feat). Share your fine time: alongside with the YouTube hyperlink in the opposition tracking form. You will have to whole the fields with the corresponding information.

it’s possible send all the entries you want, even though only count number as valid in which you have performed the excellent time from the last classification table. You can seek advice from in depth all the participation terms of the Peak Warrior undertaking and see the listing of participating countries.

How to enter the creative island of Fortnite the Fastest Viking

If you have doubts about how to enter to participate in the creative island speed challenge The Fastest Viking, you just have to follow these instructions:

Once inside Fortnite: Choose Creative mode on the game mode selection screen. Select Play: and on the next screen choose “Select a server” and click on “Create”.Approach the portal of a featured island: and interact with the independent console on the right to change the destination. From the next screen: Enter the island code for The Fastest Viking which is 7574-1494-3834. When the map has loaded: go through the portal to play.

List of prizes of the speed challenge in the Fastest Viking of Fortnite

Alone the 5 players who set the fastest time they will receive free V-Bucks and free 3-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions. This is the list of awards by positions of the speed challenge in The Fastest Viking of Fortnite:

1 location

1 subscription to PlayStation Plus for 3 months. 10,000 V-Bucks.

2. place

1 subscription to PlayStation Plus for 3 months. 7500 V-Bucks.

3. place

1 subscription to PlayStation Plus for 3 months. 5000 V-Bucks.

4. place

1 subscription to PlayStation Plus for 3 months. 2500 V-Bucks.

5. place

1 subscription to PlayStation Plus for 3 months. 2500 V-Bucks.

Remember that as of December 31 2020 Epic Games contact by mail with the 5 fastest Vikings to give them their prizes of winners.

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