Apple's Fitness+

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness by Under Armour offers you more than 800 workouts and you can even share your routines with friends. It comes with live tracking while running and also helps you set goals. You can also discover new workout routines created by Under Armour trainers. Although it’s free, you can also subscribe to its premium services for extra features.

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Nike Training Club

Nike Training club gives you the option to explore from up to 185 free workouts and you get tips in boxing, strength training, mobility and endurance training. Each session is narrated by Nike trainers which makes it more immersive. It also offers different levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of workout. Apart from that you also get nutrition tips.


JEFIT is one of the best apps to track your current workout and also start new ones. You first need to create an account after which you will be asked what kind of workouts you prefer. It offers 1300+ weight training exercises with fully customizable routines and the option to create daily workout programs. You can also connect with friends on the app and motivate them.

Cure fit is a famous workout chain across India gives you the option to choose your preferred workouts on the app. You can choose from boxing, yoga, football, strength and conditioning, HRX and more. Workouts range from 10 to 15 minutes and you can also explore some do-it-yourself fitness videos. Every workout in the app is designed to meet specific goals.

7 Minute Workout

Another free app, 7 minute workout is for those who do not get much time to focus on their fitness and gym. In this app you get to choose from your favorite workouts each routine comes with a video tutorial that you can follow. The app shows you basic home exercises that you can do without the need for any equipment. The interface is simple to navigate and user-friendly.