How to Get a Holster Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077

Take on the Johnny-focused aspect of mission Chippin’ In.
You’ll get right of entry to this aspect mission after you have carried out all of the paths of the major story mission–tracking down Evelyn Parker, discovering and interrogating Anders Hellman, and meeting with Hanako Arasaka. Once you’ve got carried out that, you will complete the Tapeworm story mission. That ought to unlock Chippin’ In with Johnny. When you get to the mission, you may have to make some unique dialogue choices earlier than it is over.

Head to the oil fields with Johnny after Rogue leaves and make these choices:
When Johnny asks you what ought to be on his headstone, say, “The Guy Who Saved My Life.”

When Johnny says that he messed up everything however his relationship with V, say, “No, that up too.”

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When Johnny asks for a 2d chance, ask, “What do you choose from me?”

When Johnny says V is the only person who did not appear to hate his guts, till now, say, “OK. But as 2nd chances go, this is your last.”

From here, it is no longer clear if the dialogue you choose is essential to trigger the ending. These are the picks we made, which unlocked Blistering Love with Rogue and worked for unlocking the secret ending, so we recommend following via on all of them.

Next, say “You had been a real d**k in the beginning.”
When Johnny says, “Never concept we might make it this far,” reply with, “When you said you let down your friends….”
When discussing Rogue, say, “Smasher biz honestly acquired to her.”
When Johnny asks if he can use V’s physique to take Rogue out, say, “Yeah, I’ll name Rogue.”

After that, you may unlock the aspect mission, Blistering Love. You have to entire that mission–it opens up a key choice in the endgame that you cannot get entry to without it.

Complete Blistering Love with Rogue. Your choices there mustn’t make a difference. (Save here. That’ll enable you to complete other missions and take care of different business earlier than taking on the ending if you so choose.)

Continue through Nocturne Op55N1 till you reach the rooftop conversation with Johnny.
Choose to let Johnny take on Arasaka Tower with Rogue. When Johnny asks if you are sure, simply wait–it’ll be about 5 minutes.

After a while, Johnny will provide you a new option: The two of you take on Arasaka Tower alone. Choose this alternative to get right of entry to the Don’t Fear The Reaper ending.

The thing about his Secret ending is that it is extremely difficult. You’re strolling right into Arasaka Tower’s lobby, where you may face a mess of top-tier enemies without everybody to assist you. That makes this one of the toughest missions in the game. What’s more, if you die, the credit will roll. You only get one shot at the Don’t Fear The Reaper quest (at least, until you load a keep to earlier than Nocturne Op55N1), so make sure you are very ready. We advise you to craft top-tier gear and complete as many aspect quests as you can in order to make bigger V’s level and make yourself as resilient as possible.

Finishing the Secret Ending unlocks content you can’t get any different way, so it is well worth doing if you are especially hard about the game.

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