Samsung has just launched a very handy app to fix your blurry photos automatically. This is just one of the many features that this new application called “Galaxy Enhance-X” is capable of.

Samsung relies on artificial intelligence to fix your failed photos. Available as a free download from the Galaxy Store, the app offers some cool features that go far beyond autocorrecting your blurry photos.

Samsung comes to fix your failed photos

The Korean giant is not at its first attempt when it comes to publishing photographs. The photo editor present on its smartphones, as well as its Expert RAW application, available since version 4.1 of its One UI interface, are all proof that Samsung attaches great importance to photography on its phones.

Today, the company is releasing its Galaxy Enhance-X app on the Galaxy Store. It allows “in one click” to analyze the imperfections in your images and improve them. In the description of the application, we can also read:

“AI-based techniques can be used to repair and enhance the images stored in the gallery. It is possible to remove unwanted blurs and reflections, but also to accentuate sharpness and increase resolution, improve dynamic range and brighten photos taken in low light conditions. »

Galaxy Enhance-X app

The original photo, as well as the modified photo, are then saved in the gallery in JPEG format. To enjoy the application, you will need to have a smartphone running Android 10 or newer. You can download the Galaxy Enhance-X app directly from the Galaxy Store or download it from APKMirror.

When AI pushes the boundaries of photo editing

If you’re over 30, you’ve known the days when cameras didn’t offer an unlimited number of chances to capture a scene. The advent of smartphones and cheap online storage has made the number of photos that can be taken almost unlimited. For some time, the last barrier has just fallen: that of the modification of photos already taken and considered as “failed”.

While it has long been possible to erase objects in a photo through apps, artificial intelligence has made this process almost mundane. Recently, Google has come to enrich its Google Photos application with ever more advanced editing options. Then, the American giant brought new features to its latest smartphones by allowing the Pixel 6 to erase people and objects easily on your photos.