How to use Picture-in-Picture on YouTube in iOS 14 on the iPhone

Picture-in-Picture on YouTube in iOS 14

iOS 14 released to the general public yesterday and it comes with a spread of features like widgets and App Clips that enable users to use a part of an app-only they have it.

A big feature of iOS 14 is it brings Picture-in-Picture to the iPhone. Previously, it had been only available on a couple of apps like Telegram. Now it’s a native aspect of the mobile OS.

To use Picture-in-Picture on the iPhone on YouTube, you want to do the subsequent things:

Open up YouTube in Safari.
Get to the YouTube website.
Type during a video you would like to observe.
Tap on the video you propose to observe and begin watching the video.
Open the full screen of the video player and tap on the Picture-in-Picture logo.

From there, the video player should begin and you’ll return to your home screen and access other apps also.

At this point, Picture-in-Picture is merely available through the YouTube website through Safari and not through the YouTube app.

If Safari isn’t your browser of choice, you’ll be thrilled to understand that this trick works in Chrome and Firefox, too via precisely the same instructions. It works with any video on YouTube, including all of the service’s music videos.

That’s different than than the native picture-in-picture setup Android users get within the YouTube app, which prohibits picture-in-picture for musical content unless you’ve subscribed to YouTube Premium.

we mention that because it’s unclear whether using picture-in-picture mode within the iOS YouTube app (once it’s made available) is going to be similarly restricted.

Google features a lot more control over Android than iOS,

and it’s possible that Apple’s APIs will force all YouTube content to be treated similarly if you’ll play it within the app, you ought to be ready to watch it picture in picture.

Otherwise, the sole other way I’ve found to use picture-in-picture mode within the iOS 14 YouTube app is to form the use of a third-party workaround that drops a shortcut in your Share Sheet to a hacked-together picture-in-picture mode.

but it’s worth taking a while to explore if you only need to have picture-in-picture mode immediately and don’t want to open up a browser window to urge it.