iOS 17 Release date, Features

The iOS 17 upgrade from Apple is under development and will be previewed at WWDC before going live in September 2023.

iOS 17 Overview

The iOS 17 operating system will be released on June 5, which is still a few months away, but because Apple is currently developing the upgrade, we only have a few details at this time.

iOS 17 may be more significant than first believed since it will include some of the “most requested features” that customers have been requesting, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Other potential changes have been mentioned by reputable sources who talked with MacRumors, including revisions to Control Center, active widgets, a redesigned Dynamic Island, and more.

Originally intended as a “tune up” update to correct problems and boost speed, iOS 17 will now also contain a few “nice to have features.” Apple has devoted a lot of its resources to the creation of the xrOS operating system, which is intended to operate on the AR/VR headset, so it won’t, however, have a major “tentpole feature” like the updated Lock Screen we saw in iOS 16. Apple remains aims to add some enjoyable additions while also fixing critical bugs and improving efficiency.

iOS 17 Features

Control Point

According to a source who has previously correctly anticipated Apple’s iOS 17 may include “major” changes to the built-in Control Center.

The Control Center is anticipated to be one of the most noticeable improvements in iOS 17, however as of yet, little is known about the particular modifications that will be made beyond “UI” and “customization.”

Since the release of iOS 11 in 2017, the Control Center has not had a significant change.

Journaling Program

Apple is creating a journaling tool that will enable users to keep track of and report their everyday activities as well as their thoughts. The program will evaluate user activity to ascertain what a normal day entails, including how much time is spent at home and whether a day includes anything unusual, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It will be able to identify people who are nearby and offer prospective themes that a user might like to write about. However, all data and daily analysis will be performed on the smartphone. The app will be able to interact with text messages and phone conversations. With iOS 17, the journaling app could be released.

Dynamic Island

Apple is allegedly making improvements to Dynamic Island that will enable it to “do a lot more.” The development team for the Dynamic Island apparently came under pressure from Apple’s marketing division to expand its capabilities because the feature will be supported when the more reasonably priced iPhone 15 devices go on sale.

For instance, the Dynamic Island might incorporate the on-screen Siri interface, making the iPhone’s Siri pop-up less intrusive. By moving Siri to the Dynamic Island, on-screen information would remain fully visible without the circular Siri interface that it currently covers up.

Active Widgets

On the iPhone’s Home Screen and Today View, Apple is “testing” active widgets, although the functionality is “not confirmed by any means.” If used, active widgets may come with one-tap buttons, sliders, and other features that would make them more dynamic and interactive.

Improved Search and Spotlight

The system-wide search and Spotlight features will be much improved, however specifics were not disclosed.

Health App Updates

The Health app will soon be accessible on both the iPhone and the iPad thanks to Apple’s expansion to the iPad.

A mood monitoring feature will also be available in the Health app, allowing users to monitor their mood, answer questions about their day, and analyze trends over time. Additionally, there will be updated features for people who have vision problems like nearsightedness.

Lock Screen Updates

The Lock Screen may receive some small upgrades, such as the ability to adjust the text size. With a new sharing option for personalized Lock Screens, anyone who develop Lock Screen designs may be able to share them with other iPhone users.

In iPadOS 17, it’s probable that the iPad may embrace iPhone-style Lock Screen modifications, enabling users to utilize widgets for the Lock Screen, movable wallpapers, a movable clock, and more.

According to rumors, Apple Maps’ Live Activity interface will be overhauled for the Lock Screen and will fill the whole screen. According to the reported design, which is based on an unconfirmed source, Apple Maps will offer thorough turn-by-turn directions that cover most of the screen.

Apple Music Customizations

Apple Music is anticipated to have a more user-friendly layout, and it’s possible that lyrics will be seen right on the lock screen.

App Library Folders

App Library folders will soon be able to be manually renamed, which is now not available.

Flashlight Adjustments

The brightness of the flashlight will be programmable with a slider, similar to the volume button, as opposed to being constrained to three brightness levels.

Wallet App

ios 17 Wallet App

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Wallet app will get improvements, although we don’t know what those updates will entail.

The Wallet app will, include a navigation bar at the bottom that divides the many features it offers. There are mentioned categories for Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders.

Users will allegedly be able to swipe down to access a search interface and a “Transactions” button to discover a certain card or pass. This would be a practical enhancement over the existing Wallet app layout since it would be easier to discover things like particular passes and order information.

Find My

There will be enhancements to the Find My app and Find My-related features along with a location information upgrade.

Performance and Stability

The iOS 17 update’s primary objectives are to increase stability, performance, and effectiveness. Apple will also aim to provide ongoing support for legacy hardware. Some devices with 3GB RAM may experience instability with early betas, although Apple is anticipated to dramatically increase stability throughout the duration of the beta testing period.

Support for the Mixed Reality Headset

Apple’s AR/VR headset will work independently and have its own App Store, but interaction with the iPhone, even if it’s only Handoff, is probably going to be at least somewhat present.

Apple’s devices all interact with one another in different ways, thus we anticipate iOS 17 to include additional headset-related functionality.

CarPlay Updates

ios 17 carplay

Apple previewed a new CarPlay experience with better vehicle connection at the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, enabling car features like radio volume and radio to be managed through CarPlay.

Additionally, Apple intends to enable multiple monitors and add widgets. Since the first automobiles with next-generation CarPlay integration are expected in late 2023, iOS 17 or an upgrade to iOS 17 are likely to have compatibility.

Support for Sideloading and Alternate App Stores

Beginning in 2024, European regulation mandates that Apple permit sideloading, and the company intends to comply starting with iOS 17.

With Apple being compelled to permit users to utilize alternative installation methods like third-party app stores, customers in Europe may be able to download apps without using the App Store with iOS 17. For applications that clients install through alternative methods, developers would not be required to pay Apple’s 15 to 30% fees, although Apple still intends to charge a fee.

The sideloading modifications will initially only apply to users in the European Union, but when other nations approve laws resembling the Digital Markets Act in Europe, Apple may broaden the capabilities.

Due to the significant engineering changes that must be done in order to provide sideloading capability, iOS 17 development may be impacted.

Beta Limitations

Apple modified how developer and public betas are installed on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4. Apple no longer uses profiles to install updates; instead, it now requires an Apple ID that is connected to either a developer account or an account that has registered for the public beta.

This change will make it impossible for non-developers to install the iOS 17 beta using a shared developer profile, as each installation will now need authentication via an Apple ID linked to a developer account.

iOS 17 Compatible Devices

  • iPad Pro (2017 and later)
  • iPad Air (third generation and later)
  • iPad (sixth generation and later)
  • iPad mini (fifth generation and later)

iOS 17 Release Date

iOS 17 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference headline presentation on June 5. iOS 17 will be made accessible to developers for testing following WWDC, with a public beta probably arriving in July. After a period of beta testing, iOS 17 will be released in September 2023 along with brand-new iPhones.