CES 2021 LG gaming monitor

This new LG gaming monitor will be at CES 2021, and this monitor has a screen that is bendable. The said screen can transform from flat to curved with just one click of a button.

LG bendable gaming monitor

There have been several bendable and rollable TVs that can be tucked away when now not in use, so it is no longer a surprise that LG has now extended that technology to gaming video display units too, as it offers a sensible way to limit the number of monitors that are vital in your home.

According to Engadget, the “Bendable CSO or Cinematic Sound OLED display will be a 48-in 4K monitor with a flat mode for watching movies and TV shows, and it has an option to curve or bend if the user wants to switch it to gaming mode.

This would not be LG’s first release of foldable screens as its first commercially available rollable TV is now on sale in South Korea, and at CES 2020, LG has debuted plans for a display that pulls down from the ceiling, much like a projector screen. What the main difference now is that the Cinematic Sound feature can turn the whole panel into a speaker, according to The Verge.

OLED features

OLED technology has been around for some time now, however it used to be solely currently that it began breaking into the mainstream monitor and TV markets. Displays utilizing this technology continue to be few, and they can be pricy.

OLED monitors have quicker pixel response times and they additionally have higher contrast ratios, even although their high-priced costs make them much less approachable than normal monitors, in accordance with Gaming Stan.

Whenever you see a display that is marked as an LED screen or LED TV, what is truly potential is LED LCD. This ability that the displayed monitor or TV utilizes an LED backlight and an LCD panel.

Meanwhile, OLED technology does no longer uses an active backlight. Instead, OLED’s pixel is illuminated independently and every pixel feature is its personal light source.

LG’s bendable monitor is solely a demo model at this point, and if it sees mainstream release, this design will elevate an pricey fee tag, no doubt.

The LG rollable OLED was once launched at a whopping $87,000 in the United States, which then converts to £67,000 or AU$123,000.

However, the limited variety of movement compared to a folding phone or rollable TV ought to mean that it is extra long-lasting and if it can replace your normal TV, soundbar, and gaming monitor, it is absolutely one to place on your list.

CES 2021

LG Display’s Bendable CSO helps a variable refresh rate from 40Hz to 120Hz, and whilst that’s up there with the pinnacle TVs (where 120Hz has solely simply turn out to be available through HDMI 2.1), the first-class gaming monitors tend to hit a minimal of 144Hz, and go all the way up to 360Hz. The refresh fee directly affects the frames per 2d that can be displayed (i.e: a 120Hz screen will cap at 120fps), so it’s quite a big deal for overall performance gamers.

Still, 120fps isn’t exactly slow, and many gamers may accept that downside for the potential to switch between curved and flatscreen gaming at the contact of a button. For now, though, this is simply thinking with no price or launch date in sight. But if it captures imaginations at CES 2021, LG Display’s bendable OLED may want to become commercially reachable quickly enough.