8C/16T Intel Tiger Lake

8C/16T Intel Tiger Lake-H processor spotted on User benchmark

Intel has already begun to ship its first Tiger Lake processors, but higher-end Tiger Lake processors are expected to return in early 2021. because the discharge of these mobile high-powered processors comes closer, the first benchmark of a Tiger Lake-H processors has been spotted.

For now, Intel has only released the low-power Tiger Lake-U processors, featuring up to 4x cores, 8x threads, Xe-LP GPU with up to 96 EUs, and a TDP ranging from 15W to 28W. On the other hand, the Tiger Lake-H processors are expected to return with 4, 6, and eight cores, featuring up to 16 threads, a less powerful GPU with up to 32 EUs, and a 45W TDP.

Intel officially confirmed plans to launch high-performance Tiger Lake-H processors with up to eight cores back in September, and while we are wanting to learn more about their specifications, the most question about these CPUs is once they are going to be available. Recently an anonymous tester from Taiwan ran a benchmark of an engineering sample of the chip, indicating these processors are already within the wild and being tested by various companies from the availability chain.

As discovered by technology enthusiast Tum_Apisak, someone from Taiwan ran UserBenchmark on a system called Insyde TigerLake supported an eight-core CPU. The ‘U3E1’ processor is claimed to feature a 3.10 GHz base clock and a 2.75 GHz turbo clock, which can’t be correct. Given the incorrect frequencies and usually mixed reputation that UserBenchmark has among enthusiasts, actual benchmark results are barely important (since they’re most likely wrong). what’s important is that somebody from Taiwan is already testing a laptop supported by an eight-core Tiger Lake-H processor.

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Intel’s Tiger Lake-H processors with up to eight Willow Cove cores feature a huge (up to) 24 MB LLC to maximize effective memory bandwidth also as single-thread performance. Like all modern ‘H’-series CPUs, Tiger Lake-H will feature a really basic version of Xe-powered UHD Graphics with all the benefits this architecture offers when it involves media encoding/decoding and display outputs. The TGL-H CPUs are designed for high-end laptops and low-power compact desktops, so expect them to feature a forty-five W TDP, which can peak at 65 W (based on Intel’s claims about capabilities of the Tiger Lake design). the height TDP is going to be particularly useful for compact desktops also as desktop replacement notebooks.

The User benchmark entry shared by @TUM_APISAK was uploaded by a system named “Insyde TigerLake”, featuring an 8C/16T Tiger Lake-H processor. The system’s display had a 2560×1600 resolution, which is sort of odd for a laptop, leading us to believe this could be a test bench.
This is the primary confirmation that Intel has begun to sample its codenamed Tiger Lake-H processors to partners. at the present, it’s hard to mention when precisely the company plans to officially launch its eight-core Tiger Lake-H CPUs, but it’s reasonable to expect these chips to arrive sometime in 2021.

Intel traditionally feels relatively comfortable on the laptop market. However, the company’s position got significantly weaker after AMD launched its Zen 2-based Ryzen Mobile 4000H-series processors, which supply great performance compared to Intel’s Comet Lake-H CPUs. Without none doubt, Ryzen Mobile 4000 (both H and U-series), generally, was a huge success for AMD. But since Intel spends an excellent deal of your time and money helping PC makers design their laptops and since of certain inertness of deciding, the company’s sales were barely hit by AMD’s H-series Ryzen Mobile 4000 processors.

But now that PC makers have experience with AMD’s high-end mobile platform, the amount of design wins with the Ryzen Mobile 4000H CPUs and their successors will increase significantly within the upcoming cycle. That said, to take care of sales of its mobile CPUs for higher-end notebooks, Intel will need to offer something better than the Comet Lake-H, which essentially makes Tiger Lake-H a rather important product for the corporate.

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