Nvidia GeForce Now is set to provide a one-month plan with its top-tier RTX 3080 sports streaming option, in accordance with a new report.

VideoCardz claims that Nvidia will nowadays announce the new one-month plan, which will run alongside the current six-month plan, in the identical way that the entry-level paid option, the Priority subscription, provides each monthly payment and a six-month commitment.

The website appears to have received hold of a marketing grab displaying the new one-month choice for the RTX 3080 membership. We don’t understand something about pricing yet, though.

Obviously, the fresh one-month plan must be more expensive, at least in terms of the actual monthly payment. However, you’ll be able to check out the high-end service for just a month and quit if you’re not convinced it’s worth the money (spending far less than you would currently on a six-month RTX 3080 plan overall).

In theory, we could then see more gamers giving the top-tier plan a whirl, and that ties in with a very recent blog post from Team Green which describes how to get the most out of the RTX 3080 experience on GeForce Now.

Assuming this report is correct, the existing RTX 3080 subscription runs to $99 for six months. Compared to the tier below, the Priority membership costs $50 or £45 for six months, and $10 monthly.

So, the 1-month cost for Priority is 20% of the six-month membership, which if applied directly to the current 6-month RTX 3080 tier, would give a one-month price of $20 or £18. Given that this is the flagship offering for GeForce Now, there’s always the chance Nvidia might notch that pricing up slightly, but we wouldn’t imagine that’d be the case.

Why might Nvidia further open up its RTX 3080 membership to more users (which is presumably the intention with the introduction of a more ‘dip in friendly’ 1-month plan)? Well, it could have developed the capacity needed to cope with the extra streaming workload now, and indeed smoothed out the service more in general.

And Team Green could also be responding to user feedback, as we’ve certainly seen some requests from gamers who would like a monthly service for the RTX 3080 tier for the reasons we’ve already mentioned – to give it a whirl at a minimal cost.

From what we’ve heard thus far (and experienced ourselves here at TechRadar), the RTX 3080 tier represents a very solid high-end experience, so perhaps Nvidia is now confident enough to open it up more widely on that basis. Particularly when it might tempt a lot more folks over given that it’s so difficult to buy a decent graphics card at the moment (and having to overpay ridiculously even if you are lucky enough to find one).

Under its Priority GeForce Now tier, NVIDIA was forced to limit the framerate on select titles due to insufficient service optimizations. NVIDIA team worked closely with game developers and has since eliminated this problem, which at the time limited the framerate to as low as 45 FPS in some games. This problem does not affect the RTX 3080 tier which is based on a different cloud GPU hardware.

The current membership options do not include a monthly subscription for RTX 3080 Tier. The 6-month membership costs 99 USD which converts into 16.67 USD per month. With that in mind, one would expect RTX 3080 tier to become more expensive than the 1-Month tier (possibly at 20 USD/month).

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