ps5 slim release date

Players who have been turned off by the size of the normal system will undoubtedly notice the prospective release of a PS5 Slim, although PS5 Slim consoles are simply a more affordable alternative to the main platform. A smaller PS5 that costs less and offers the same experience could be on the horizon sooner than we think as manufacturing prices decline and more effective components become accessible.

In reality, Sony has already begun to internally streamline the PS5. The PS5 Digital Edition’s new CFI-1100B model weighs a stunning 300 grams less than the PS5’s original launch edition. Sony even changed the screw that comes with the PS5’s stand. The heatsink on this updated console has also been modified , which made the system lighter.

Regarding hardware updates, there are a few limitations. Slim consoles sometimes have a more affordable feel than launch models, which may feel over-engineered. Even while it’s not usually the case, occasionally cutting features might result in cost savings. For instance, the optical port included on the launch model was deleted from the PS4 Slim.


The pricing of the PS5 Slim will probably be less than the original PS5’s initial price of $499.99/£449.99/AU$749.95, which has now increased to £479.99/€549.99/AU$799.95 as a result of the PS5’s price increase. It should cost about $100 less, or about $399 or £349, which was the PS4 launch price. As was the case when the PS4 Pro was debuted, the $499 / £449 initial PS5 price tag will probably be replaced with a PS5 Pro.

Sony may or may not issue a PS5 Slim Digital Edition, but if they do, we can anticipate the same pricing structure with a $100 / £90 savings off the disc edition. That may greatly increase the attractiveness of Sony’s all-digital platform, but we’re not sure if Sony would pursue that At this point, another digital model.

ps5 pro slim price

Three years after a console’s initial debut, Sony often releases a slimmer version of it. While the PS2 Slim and PS One took four and six years, respectively, to release, this was the situation with the PS3 and PS4. Therefore, it seems likely that a PS5 Slim will release sometime in 2023 or early 2024.


We anticipate a pretty significant reduction in the PS5’s overall size and weight, though it’s tough to forecast exactly how it would look. Expect a smaller, more compact version of the PS5’s existing form since it’s probable that the system won’t deviate too much from Sony’s initial concept.

Being the largest console Sony has ever produced, the PS5 takes up a substantial amount of space in your home entertainment center, especially if you mount it vertically. We’d love to see Sony eliminate the stand entirely for users who turn the console on its side, and we anticipate it to be far shorter than the PS5.

Currently available PS5 versions have already lost 300 grams thanks to Sony, however we additionally Expect to see the console’s sturdy structure undergo more enhancements. It weighs 8.6 pounds, making it somewhat lighter than the PS3, and is the second-heaviest system Sony has produced to date.

There has only been one unauthorized effort to make a PS5 Slim so far. One YouTuber’s PS5 Slim from back in June managed to pack the system into a small shell, but this was somewhat of a trick because it divided the power unit into a separate huge power brick. This strategy isn’t something Sony would ever adopt, but it was still a creative effort.

ps5 slim release date 2023


The PS5 Slim’s specifications will probably match those of the PS5, however previous Slim iterations have seen slight performance improvements. Microsoft marginally enhanced the Xbox One S’s performance, and Nintendo gave the New Nintendo 3DS greater power so it could play particular titles. However, Sony hasn’t traditionally updated the technology within Slim versions, and it wouldn’t make much sense given the impending release of a PS5 Pro.

For those who want a little more flexibility when it comes to storing games, Sony might expand the capacity on the PS5 Slim or at the very least provide two SKUs. The ports of the console may also be altered or relocated, as was the case with the PS4 Slim, which did away with the optical port.

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