new ipad 2022 pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 is a popular stylus for the company`s tablets that helps you to sketch, take notes, and without problems navigate around iPadOS.

Since first being delivered, the Apple Pencil for iPads has long gone via one-of-a-kind iterations – the authentic model became delivered in 2015 and the second-gen version got here alongside in 2018, to work on more modern iPads.

Those variations of the iPad stylus have lived in comfortable harmony, running for one-of-a-kind types of iPad, however, one change withinside the new iPad (2022) threatens to ruin all of that.

What are The Apple Pencil problems?

Despite being a popular accessory, the original iPad isn`t without its issues. Primarily, it costs in a weird fashion: you need to take a cap off the quit of it and plug that end into the Lightning Port in your iPad.

Upon doing this, you had to leave the stylus plugged into the tablet at a weird angle for quite some time, which means there was a great risk of accidentally walking into the extended Pencil and breaking the charge plug off from the rest of it.

This is one of these Apple design decisions that has been mocked mercilessly, similar to the wireless mouse with the plug on the bottom of the thing. It`s no marvel the Apple Pencil 2 become greater popular because it makes use of magnets to snap to the pinnacle of the iPad wherein it charges wirelessly.

The Apple Pencil 2 has found itself followed via way of means of increasingly more iPads, which includes the Pro, Air, and in 2021 Mini lines, over the years.

The cause for that is simple: Lightning ports are slowly losing off iPads. The Airline lost the port in 2020 at the same time as the Mini did in 2021. Now it`s simply the entry-level models left.

Without Lightning ports, the unique Apple Pencil has no convenient manner of charging; now no longer except you are willing to mess around with various adaptors and dongles that Apple has offered withinside the past.

The move to USB-C has been followed via way of means of a design overhaul for iPads, to facilitate the magnetic clip for charging the Apple Pencil 2.

A USB-C iPad 2022

A new leak suggests that Apple`s entry-level iPad in 2022 should get a USB-C port in place of Lightning. This could make it the very last iPad line to drop Apple’s proprietary charging tech, even though iPhones nevertheless use it.

If this happened, the first-gen Apple Pencil could be absolutely redundant. There could be no new iPads that would facilitate it, making it in all likelihood that Apple could retire the older gadget.

Unlike iPhones, Apple would not sell previous-gen iPads, so it would not want to hold the accent round to guide exceptional slates. No, there’d be no cause for the organization to make any greater of the seven-year-old stick.

Sure, a few third-party outlets could in all likelihood have stock of the original Apple Pencil, however, if Apple did completely embrace USB-C, the stylus’ days could be numbered.

The future of the Apple Pencil 3

Apple isn’t any stranger to discontinuing its tech. It does so basically each yr while new iterations of its annual products come out – and the original, awkward Apple Pencil needed to move eventually.

And it`s approximately time – the approach of charging the stylus is so silly that it in no way has to have made it past the drawing board.

Still, because of the first-ever Apple Pencil, if the company did retire it, it might be large news.
If Apple only has one stylus to make, we would want to see it appear in the future, and release an Apple Pencil 3.

The second-gen stick has pretty awkward controls and does not include as many beneficial features like Samsung’s S Pen, and there are plenty of things that Apple may want to do with it to improve.