Arcade1Up debuts new OutRun racing cabinet with new steering wheel controls

OutRun is one of the foremost influential driving arcade games of all time. Created by legendary Sega designer and director Yu Suzuki in 1986, OutRun would continue to inspire generations of arcade driving games, all while itself remaining a staple of classic arcades everywhere on the planet. Home arcade designers Arcade1Up haven’t done a driving game before, but that’s close to change, and it’s going with OutRun because of the centerpiece of its first driving arcade cabinet.

the Arcade1Up lineup throughout 2020 thus far, with recent unveils just like the Big Buck Hunter and Golden Axe cabinets adding even more variety for retro gaming fans. Now for its latest unveil, we’re getting a replacement release which may not be also referred to as a number of the opposite classics but is nearly certainly even as much of a lover favorite.

Bringing the old fashioned vibes of OutRun to its 3/4th-scale arcade cabinet lineup, the newest Arcade1Up mixes up what we’ve seen from the brand within the past. There’s still an equivalent 17-inch display in the middle of the gaming experience, also because of the usual retro decals and other authentic stylings. But this point around, there’s a replacement wheel design and a few other additions.

Arcade1Up revealed the all-new OutRun arcade cabinet during a handout on November 4, 2020. The OutRun cabinet may be a sit-down design fairly faithful to the classic OutRun style. the cupboard features a 17-inch screen, wheel, gas pedal, and brake design, and features a set of games including the first OutRun, also as Turbo OutRun, OutRunners, and Power Drift. The sitting bench also can be faraway from the setup if you’d wish to use your own different seat for the cupboard.

The OutRun cabinet is a component of Arcade1Up’s regular forays into new sorts of cabinets. We’ve previously seen the cupboard maker venture into unique territories with the likes of the Atari Star Wars Trilogy cabinet with its yoke control and large Buck Hunter because of the first lightgun game of the Arcade1Up catalog. the corporate has even been performing on an entry into a singular digital parlor game space with the Infinity Game Table. OutRun represents Arcade1Up’s first official raid driving games and couldn’t be a more perfect first pick, given the arcade maker’s penchant for traditional games like Ms. Pac-Man and Golden Axe.

Arcade1Up ’s OutRun Arcade Cabinet is predicted to arrive sometime in early December. it’ll retail at $499.99 and may be ordered now on Arcade1Up ‘s website. Stay tuned for official launch dates and other details coming soon.