Nvidia announced its first CPU for super-special supercomputers, there are now noises coming out of GTC 2021 suggesting that the green group is working with MediaTek to create an ARM gaming laptop spec. Yeah, a GeForce-powered gaming laptop platform that would not use both Intel or AMD x86 processors a courageous new world indeed.

Nvidia’s buy of Arm has nonetheless but to be completed, however, this is probably greater proof of the company searching to get elbow deep into the ARM ecosystem from each server and now the gaming facets of its business. Its ARM-based Grace processor will be making matters uncomfortable for Intel and AMD when it comes to x86 datacentre dominance, however, few would have anticipated ARM to begin to have any impact on gaming laptops.

It’s well worth prefacing all this with the point that we are simply talking about potential preliminary work with the aid of MediaTek and Nvidia on a reference laptop spec for development, and no longer about any established commitment to creating real gaming notebooks for release. Still, the reality that Nvidia is working with one of the largest creators of ARM silicon in the world does lend a little greater credence to such a device seeing the light of day.

“MediaTek is the world’s largest provider of ARM chips, used to strengthen the entirety from smartphones, Chromebooks, and smart TVs,” says MediaTek CEO, Rick Tsai, in a statement on Engadget. “We seem to be forward to the usage of our technology and working with NVIDIA to convey the electricity of GPUs to the ARM PC platform for gaming, content introduction, and a whole lot more. GPU acceleration will be a big enhance for the whole ARM ecosystem.”

There has been developing proof that ARM’s x86 emulation is a viable choice to native silicon, particularly with Apple’s new M1 chip going into its new MacBooks. That makes for a probably thrilling future the place GeForce-powered gaming laptops, running on ARM CPUs, can absolutely run your Steam library.

Nvidia’s long been referencing the gaming laptop market like a platform unto itself, talking it up like a new console generation, however with ARM CPUs and GeForce GPUs going hand-in-hand you ought to effortlessly see an entirely Nvidia-branded GeForce ShieldBook hitting the shelves. And it is kinda exciting.

Driving the future of AI

AI is the most powerful technology force of our time. In the future, trillions of computers running AI will create new internet-of-things all over the world – from smart retail to manufacturing and service robots, to self-driving cars and smart cities – reinventing computing as we know it.

With its proposed acquisition of Arm, NVIDIA will be able to turn new AI possibilities into realities much faster. Together, we will be able to: