nokia 4k box

Nokia is upgrading its home entertainment portfolio in Europe for now with the latest Android-based streaming box.

Nokia is launching a replacement streaming box for European markets. Called the Nokia Streaming Box 8000, the new media device for televisions comes with Android 10 software, which suggests it brings the newest features system-wide and inside different apps which may have them ready for giant screens. The streaming box will plug into your television and make it smart instantly. It uses a Wi-Fi connection for the web.

You don’t need to pay tons if you’re trying to find a contemporary Android television receiver — a minimum of if you reside within the right part of the planet. Nokia (or rather, its brand licensee Stream view) is launching a number of Android TVs that promise to be affordable while offering perks like 4K and HDR.

nokia 4k box

The core of the road ranges from the 43-inch 4300A through to the 75-inch 7500A (you’re watching the 55-inch 5500A above). All of those Nokia-branded LCD TVs include 4K, HDR (using HDR10), and a foreign with push-to-talk for Google Assistant. There’s also talk about “interoperability” with Nokia phones, although that’s really regarding the Google ecosystem. Other Android phones should work well.

The new Nokia Streaming Box 8000 is the latest product from Streamview, which holds the license to sell a get range of Nokia devices in Europe. this is often almost like how Flipkart sells Nokia TV and Nokia Media Streamer in India. this is often also why the Streamview’s new Nokia streaming device is going to be available in select markets in Europe and it’s highly unlikely it’ll make it to other markets, Android Authority has reported.

nokia 4k box

The Nokia Streaming Box 8000, in fact, isn’t officially available yet. Folks at Android Authority got their hands on the device before the launch. The official price remains not available but that might be somewhere around EUR 99 (roughly Rs 8,700), consistent with the report. We even have the primary check out the retail box of the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 that shows the device in its entirety.

Contrary to the Nokia Media Streamer available in India, the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 comes with support for 4K video resolution. The remote that comes bundled with the device is backlit and has hotkeys for Google Assistant, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. it’s not a little remote, very similar to those you get from Xiaomi or Amazon for his or her streaming devices. it’s a full-fledged remote with numerical buttons among others.

Some extra information like Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio support isn’t available immediately. But since Nokia Media Streamer available in India brings support for Dolby Audio, we will safely assume the ECU model has this feature, as well. Although, I’m unsure about the Dolby Vision yet. In case, it’s available, it’ll make the streamer a good better deal. an outsized portion of consumers consumes Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content that’s available in Dolby Vision, which the streaming box will look out of.