lg ces 2021

Companies appear to appreciate that CES 2021 is happening, even if it is now not in person. Already, the number of companies trying to take part has surpassed Shapiro’s expectations. About greater than 1,800 are registered and CTA plans to limit the number to 2,000. Plus, the team of workers has to review all the content to be broadcast due to the fact the target market is global.

The good news for participating companies: the CES 2021  virtual venue will for 30 days, till Feb. 15.

San Diego-based IKIN has attended CES 2021 for several years however this precise exhibit is vital as it will be displaying its new hologram technology, which it hopes to deliver to market in the 0.33 quarter of 2021. It will be demonstrating a product that attaches to a smartphone and creates 3D holograms from 2D video on the smartphone – and can be seen in daylight, a bugaboo that has thwarted holographic technology.

At CES 2021, the tech company will be showing off its prototype to possible sellers and investors. “Of course, we will miss the opportunities for face-to-face engagements and in-person demonstrations,” stated IKIN president and CEO Joe Ward. “But we will actually take advantage of the digital format in each and every way possible. The digital show does supply a dimension of schedule flexibility that will assist us to interact with customers, developers, and partners.”

At Otter Products, corporate public relations manager Kristen Tatti said, “I do not suppose it ever was once a query that … we have to participate” in CES 2021. The Fort Collins, Colo. company makes Otterbox mobile device add-ons which include phone chargers, cases, and screen protectors.

“One nice aspect about it being digital is it in reality is extra inclusive. So people that possibly weren’t about to go to Las Vegas before are going to be in a position to experience CES,” Tatti said.

In agreement is Grace Dolan, who is Samsung Electronics’ vice president of home entertainment marketing. A virtual CES 2021 offers international TV and smartphone leader a chance to join with a wider audience. “We’re excited about CES 2021 this year due to the fact it gives a chance for a lot extra expansive team of people to get their foot in the door,” she said. “In the previous, it’s been mainly media, a lot of our specific retailers, and now it’s the wide target market of all customers who have any interest in our products.”

Samsung’s First Look event, where the company unveiled new TVs coming out in 2021, can be considered on YouTube and its company site. The company’s Monday CES press convention will be posted online, too.

Most of the 100-plus hours of video that will be housed on the CES 2021 virtual venue will be captioned in 16 languages and American Sign Language “to make it very accessible,” stated Jean Foster, CTA senior vice president of advertising and communications.

Still, a virtual gathering is now not the same. Video streaming device and content material company Roku typically has a suite where products are displayed and conferences are held with retailers, companions which include those who make Roku TVs, and content material companies with channels on the company’s streaming devices.

There will nevertheless be meetings, however, says Mark Ely, Roku’s vice president of product strategy, “we are no longer all coming together so, as a result, it feels a bit different.”