nvidia rtx 3080

Nvidia introduced in its official Twitter account that a unique “GeForce RTX: Game On” virtual event on January 12 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has constrained the movement of numerous events, Nvidia will transmit the event via the company’s reliable YouTube and Twitch channels.

Nvidia did not actually detail what it is revealing on January 12 or how long the event will be. But if fans look closely at a nine-second-long video, you can get a vague idea of Nvidia’s itinerary for that date, as seen on the video on the Twitter account.

The first image of the gaming laptop computer references the chipmaker’s mobile GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards, additionally known as Ampere.

There have been a couple of retailer listings and practical specs of cell Ampere, so it is feasible that Nvidia will announce its lineup very soon.

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The 2d image from the clip suggests the artwork from Outriders. Outriders is an upcoming co-op shooter from People Can Fly which is the identical team in the back of “Bulletstorm” and “Gears of War: Judgement”.

It is now not known if Nvidia partook in the improvement of the games, however, its inclusion in Nvidia’s teaser video shows that it would possibly use some of the technology of Nvidia.

Nvidia GeForce RTX

Nvidia had been busy marketing its sought after GeForce RTX 3080, a graphics card that gamers are searching for.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 is based totally on the new Ampere graphics architecture, which then brings large upgrades to each the raw overall performance and strength efficiency.

Before CES 2021, users of the Ge-Force RTX has mentioned the upgrades to the RT and Tensor cores, as properly as the rasterization engine.

This should signal the chipmaker gearing up for higher products with higher performances.

Since Nvidia has no longer made any official announcement but about their itinerary, followers of their products will simply have to wait and see what they have in-store.