Galactus Fortnite

As my youngest has been telling me all day, Galactus is coming to Fortnite islands. it’s been found out ever since Fortnite Season 4 went life and every one Marvel-ified earlier this year, because the comic books by Donny Cates and Greg Land showed the arrival of Marvel characters within the Fortnite world, with crossovers everywhere Marvel titles, and therefore the game was transformed by Doom’s Domain, Wolverine within the woods, Tony Stark’s Industries on the raised plateau, Stark robots defending the crashed quintets and Galactus-themed killer robots roaming the plains. But the arrival of Galactus, the planet devoured himself, potentially followed by Black Winter, will make this a completely different game. Apparently.

Galactus  On Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

The staging area of Fortnite has a large countdown on display and Epic Games themselves give the following blurb.

Galactus  On Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games


the Devourer of Worlds on the horizon? That’s not good!

It was only a matter of time. Galactus is closing in on the Island and the fate of all Reality lies in the balance. Join the ultimate fight against Galactus in the one-time only Nexus War finale event on Tuesday, December 1 at 4 PM ET.

With everything in the balance, this is an event you don’t want to miss. To prepare for Galactus, we recommend taking the following steps

If you haven’t already downloaded the 14.60 updates, load the game on your preferred device and download it today.

Fortnite‘s new integration with Houseparty means you can have a live video chat in Fortnite (PC, PS4/PS5) while attending the event.

We’ve taken measures to ensure more people can attend the event, but we still recommend everyone log into Fortnite at least 60 minutes prior to the event’s start. The event playlist is expected to go live 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Here are some helpful tips for content creators to have the best possible experience.

Review the Fortnite Content Guidelines.
We’re working with partners to ensure that content creators can share this unforgettable event with their communities. We’ll be updating this post with added details regarding copyright claims prior to the event. Stay tuned.
For content on other platforms, refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.
Replays will not be available at the conclusion of the event. To share your experience with other players, capture the event locally or via streaming.

Galactus, created by Jack Kirby with Stan Lee for the superb Four was, basically, a god. Who travels from world to world, to devour their energy, killing all life as he does so. it’s just about only the superb Four who are ready to hold him back, within the time that Fortnite x Marvel: The Legacy War is about, Thor is playing the role of his herald instead of the Silver Surfer, hence his variant design within the game…

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