Xiaomi on Twitter today unveiled its new “remote charging technology” referred to as Mi Air Charge. According to the company, it can wirelessly charge a couple of devices concurrently except connecting any cables or putting your devices on a wireless charging stand.

This kind of remote charging has been hyped up for years now, however, no company has ever efficaciously commercialized it. Xiaomi is no stranger to charging innovation, having brought 80W wireless charging and 120W wired charging, however, its preceding developments have been greater incremental as a substitute than revolutionary.

If the company manages to flip this into something greater than simply a tech demo and it’s precisely that in accordance to Xiaomi Product PR spokesperson Agatha Tang then it’ll be one of these innovative technologies that change the way we use our devices.

So how precisely does it work? The company has shared some details on its new Mi Air Charge technology on its authentic blog. According to the company, this technology is successful in delivering 5W of power to a single device over a distance of a couple of meters from the “self-developed isolated charging pile”.

This charging pile has 5 section interference antennas to precisely determine the position of your mobile device. After determining the position, a segment manipulates an array composed of 144 antennas directionally transmit millimeter-wide waves thru beamforming.

The receiving device has a miniaturized antenna array with a built-in “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array.” The former pronounces the position information whilst the latter is a 14 antenna array that converts the millimeter-wave sign into electrical energy thru the rectifier circuit.

The company has confirmed that Mi Air Charge is simply a tech demo at this stage, so it’s no longer clear if the company will be in a position to overcome the implementational and structural market problems confronted by way of different vendors that have proven off no-contact wireless charging prototypes.

There are additional fitness concerns, and there’s no doubt that if this technology ever makes it to market, it’ll be heavily scrutinized via regulatory authorities.

If Xiaomi is successful, this technology will be a game-changer for smart home products. Many companies have tried to make remote charging systems in the past, so it’ll be fascinating to see if Xiaomi will be the first to succeed.