After testing the paid subscription feature in January, Instagram wants to expand opportunities to help creators monetize their content. In a press release on July 14, the Meta group unveiled several tools, such as exclusive subscriber chats that can receive up to 30 members, Posts and Reels reserved for subscribers, or the special tab “Subscriber Welcome”.

New communication tools with subscribers

The new features recently rolled out by Instagram enrich its paid subscription tool tested with 10 content creators in early 2022. As a reminder, this tool gives subscribers a way to access exclusive stories or lives from a creator. In order to continue the effort in this direction, the platform has added other alternatives for influencers, to remunerate themselves:

  • A Subscriber Chats that allows creators to simultaneously launch private chats with 30 subscribers. The goal is to “maintain a balance and decide when and how they want to connect with their followers,” Instagram explains.
  • The publication of exclusive Posts and Reels (Subscriber Reels, Posts), is only visible to subscribers.
  • A “subscriber home” tab is displayed on the creators’ profiles. It will be visible to subscribers who have subscribed a subscription and will offer access to exclusive content.

Enabling creators to “make a living” online

Instagram wants to continue its policy of monetizing the content of creators, who now function as “businesses”. “If you are a creator … subscription is a way to establish sustainable and predictable revenue,” Said Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram in a video.

Currently, the platform continues to grant subscription access to tens of thousands of influencers in the United States. It even plans to offer a wide range of tools to as many content creators as possible to better help them make a living.