iPhone: discover the most downloaded application on the App Store!

Sensor Towel has unveiled its app ranking on the iPhone App Store. And surprise! A new app has just dethroned Facebook and WhatsApp in the first quarter of 2022. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!


iPhone users have the ability to download thousands of apps through the App Store. Games, social networks, software… the platform offers a wide choice of apps to improve our smartphone experience.

In just a few years, some apps have become essential around the world. This is the case with Facebook or Instagram which are now part of our daily lives.

Social networks work very well on the App Store. Moreover, a new social platform has just broken all records on iPhone.

The company Sensor Tower studies the ranking of applications in the world. The latter has just unveiled the top 3 most popular apps in the first quarter of 2022.

And surprise! The first place goes to TikTok which dethrones all its competitors. It must be said that social network is a hit all over the world.

TikTok is now the most downloaded app between April and June on the app store. It stands out against Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.

The platform is attracting more and more iPhone users. Indeed, it’s hard to miss the success of TikTok and its influencers.

iPhone: discover the most downloaded application on the App Store!


TikTok now has nearly 3 billion users. That’s almost half of humanity. Its success is therefore no longer to prove!

Despite this, the platform has been plagued by criticism for several months. Indeed, the latter is often controversial on the Web.

According to the US government, the app is even a large-scale surveillance tool. It would thus make it possible to collect our data on iPhone. A bad buzz that may therefore cost big to the social network.

But that’s not all! TikTok users are also witnessing other controversies on the network. The cause? The many challenges are sometimes very dangerous for the youngest.

In just a few months, TikTok has seen dozens of deadly challenges. This is the case of the “Blackout challenge” which caused the death of 82 children in the United States. A figure that is chilling in the back.

Other trends are also very bad for teens’ mental health. This is why TikTok continues to be debated on the Web.

Moreover, many families file a complaint against the platform. Like what, the most famous application on iPhone knows many limits!

The future of TikTok, therefore, remains very uncertain. Indeed, will the application continue to impose itself on the App Store? Or will she end up being a victim of all these controversies? Case to follow!

The famous app is likely to be dethroned by its competitors. Indeed, Messenger, Google Maps, or cap cut are also at the top of the best Apps according to Sensor Towel.

It remains to be seen if iPhone users will eventually get tired of TikTok or if the app will become the new number 1 social network in the world! What do you think?