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Apple releasing iOS 15 in September 2021 and how it will make a distinction for iPhone users. Like the upcoming iOS version, iOS 15 ought to feature new camera options, as nicely as improvements in its default apps. Who does now not favor enhancing the next wave of iPhone apps?

The great is yet to come. But for now, let’s visualize how these points ought to come and how close we ought to get them on our iPhone devices.

we will expect a vary of new features in iOS 15, building on iOS 14‘s upgrades like home screen widgets and new camera tricks. We’ve additionally acquired a respectable idea of when to assume the new OS to be released.

Here’s each rumor about iOS 15 we’ve got heard so far and each and every educated guess we can make, such as when it may additionally be accessible to download, and what new features we may see.

Device compatibility: iOS 15 will likely work on iPhone 7 and later

The only rumor we have heard about device compatibility so a ways is that iOS 15 will require an iPhone 7 or later, in accordance to Israeli website The Verifier and French web site iPhoneSoft. That’s now not a large surprise, on account that the iPhone 6 models are now greater than 5 years old, and run on the A9 chip. It looks that iOS 15 will require devices with an A10 chip, which consist of the iPhone 7 and beyond, and the seventh-gen iPod Touch.

New iOS 15 features: Changing default apps, making widgets interactive

We may not have a good idea of what features are coming to iOS 15 till it is truly unveiled at WWDC 2021. Since iOS 14 was once a large update, it is possible that iOS 15 will make fewer changes, and as an alternative build on the base iOS, 14 set up and enhance its functionality.

According to the tech website PhoneArena, iOS 15 ought to allow you to alternate extra default apps. In iOS 14, you have been in a position to swap defaults Safari and Mail for different browser and email apps. The upcoming iOS 14.5 update will additionally let you change your default music platform from Apple Music. iOS 15 may additionally permit you to make greater customizations like this.

PhoneArena additionally predicts that iOS 15 will make widgets interactive, the way they are on Android, which would let you do things like change volume or toggle things on and off. We might also additionally see greater widget measurement options, the website reported.

The iPhone 13 is rumored to have an always-on display, comparable to the Apple Watch. While this is a hardware change, iOS would additionally probably alternate to accommodate it, possibly by means of updating the lock screen to display notifications in a distinct format, in accordance with PhoneArena.

iOS 15 download instructions:

Once iOS 15 is generally available, which we expect to be in September, Apple will likely send a notification letting you know you can update. Or, you’ll be able to do it manually, by going to the Settings app > General > Software Update

Final conclusion What Do We Expect to See for iOS 15?

  • Guaranteed iOS 14 Device Support
  • Newly-Improved Siri
  • Apple Maps Upgrade
  • Apple Store Wish List
  • Translate App Should Add More Languages

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