Game Boy camera

The support for USB Video Class devices in iPadOS 17 opens up a world of possibilities for iPad users, featuring the ability to utilize a Game Boy Camera for FaceTime video conversations.

This is Federico at his best, doing something that no one else in their right mind would ever consider.

On the surface, support for UVC devices in iPadOS 17 implies that, for the first time, you can attach external cameras to the iPad. Federico adds that this includes USB capture cards, DSLR adapters, and other accessories.

These docks allow me to connect my gaming consoles to the capture card, which then transmits the video signal to my iPad Pro’s Retina Display. This setup enables me to enjoy my favorite games on a larger screen without any lag or quality loss. Additionally, the capture card also allows me to record gameplay footage and stream it directly from my iPad Pro, adding another layer of versatility to my gaming experience. 

In order to read video input from USB-connected devices, developers must use a particular API. Federico was able to accomplish all sorts of strange things using a currently in beta app from developer Jingcheng Tang, in conjunction with a capture card.

This demonstrates the versatility of UVC devices and their compatibility with various platforms. It showcases how the iPad Pro can utilize different UVC devices as video sources, expanding its functionality beyond just its built-in webcam. The ability to have Elden Ring displayed on FaceTime highlights the potential for creative and immersive experiences using these devices. 

Federico’s narrative becomes increasingly bizarre as it progresses, culminating with his utilizing a Game Boy camera over FaceTime. Although he agrees that “no regular person will ever need to use this,” it’s nevertheless a fun and nerdy

That’s when I completely lost it. In 2023, I was doing motions in front of a Game Boy camera to test video capture and FaceTime on an iPad Pro. Nothing makes sense, and no ordinary person will ever need to utilize it. Nonetheless, the fact that everything functioned as it should gave me a peculiar sense of serenity and nerdy joy. If this silly thing works, maybe the iPad will be okay after all.

On the surface, support for UVC devices within iPadOS 17 means that you can connect external cameras to the iPad for the first time. Federico points out that this also extends to USB capture cards, DSLR adapters, and more. This expanded support opens up a whole new world of possibilities for content creators and professionals who rely on high-quality external devices for their work. It’s a significant step towards making the iPad a more versatile and powerful tool in various industries.