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Do you wish to create professional speech from your own recordings or human speech from text? With startling precision and fidelity, the latest wave of AI Voice generator makes this feasible.

To capture the patterns, intonations, and subtleties of genuine language, they employ deep learning algorithms that have been trained on enormous datasets of existing audio.

Your objectives will determine which AI voice generator is ideal for you. Do you wish to imitate a famous person’s voice or your own? Or do you like a voice that can stand on its own?

These are the top artificial AI Voice Generator available today, according to a plethora of tests.

AI Voice Generator Sites Comparison Table

Quickly compare the best free and premium AI voice generators below:

Best AI Voice GeneratorsText-to-SpeechVoice CloningVoice over VideoLanguagesFree TrialFree Plan
Murf AIYesYesYes20+NoYes w/No downloads
Resemble AIYesYesNo62YesNo
SpeechifyYesYesYes w/Dubbing30+3-dayNo
SynthesysYesYesYes w/Virtual avatar145+3 weekNo


1. ElevenLabs

There are two key components of ElevenLabs. 

The first is voice synthesis, in which any text may be transformed into real human speech. Simply insert the text, choose your preferred voice, and produce.

There are several ways to customize the output. For instance, if you move the stability to the right, your voice will sound more expressive.

VoiceLab is the second function, which allows you to copy a voice from a sample recording. In other words, you may copy your own voice or the voice of any other person whose sample you have, like a famous person. Even though the longer the better, it just needs to be a minute long.

Voice design is another choice that sits somewhere in the middle of the two. By changing the settings, you may create a brand-new voice here. such as accent, age, and gender.

Because the AI produces a distinct version even if another person uses the exact same settings, you are always assured of getting a unique outcome.

Currently, you may choose from any of your created or cloned voices whenever you wish to synthesize text-to-speech. Using the same voice design criteria, you may alter the voice of your clone.

This is helpful if you want to hide your own voice while still sounding like a real person.

With certain restrictions, ElevenLabs is available to you without charge indefinitely. 10,000 script characters and three custom voices are yours each month, but there is no commercial license. Starting with 30,000 characters and a business license, premium plans cost $5 per month.

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2. Murf AI

The web studio from Murf AI is an excellent solution for those who want professional-grade voiceovers with full editorial control.

Murf AI offers a wide range of customizable features, allowing users to adjust tone, pacing, and emphasis to create the perfect voiceover. Additionally, Murf AI provides a commercial license for businesses looking to use the generated voiceovers for commercial purposes. Rather than hiring a voice actor, you can use Murf AI to generate speech from text or morph your own voice into a unique studio-quality voice.

For text-to-speech, you can choose from more than 120 preset AI voices in 20 languages, which form the foundation of your project. Once you have settled on a voice, you can customize it further by adjusting parameters such as pitch, speed, and emphasis. Additionally, Murf AI offers advanced features like background noise reduction and audio effects to enhance the overall quality of your voiceover. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, the web studio from Murf AI is a cost-effective and convenient solution for anyone in need of professional voiceovers. In a voice, use the simple editor to highlight words to emphasize, alter the pitch, speed up the pace, and perform other tweaks to get it sounding just right.

The voice changer tool in Murf AI allows users to transform their voice into different characters or accents, adding a fun and creative touch to their voiceovers. Additionally, the tool provides a wide range of pre-set voice effects, such as robot, alien, and echo, allowing users to easily experiment and customize their recordings according to their specific needs. Deep-faking works by uploading an audio file of your voice, which is then altered by AI, or you can record freestyle on the site for the same effect. Including a script alongside the audio improves accuracy and allows you to make tweaks, but it is not a requirement.

While the above services are nothing new, voice cloning is where the real magic happens. By uploading a recording of your voice or a voice you like, Murf uses AI to clone it for future use. This is essentially the same as deep faking.

You can keep the voice close to the original or customize it to your liking. From then on, it’s in the bank and you can go back to it for all your text-to-speech projects. Voice cloning technology has revolutionized the field of text-to-speech, offering endless possibilities for personalization and creativity. With Murf’s AI-powered voice cloning, you can now create unique and lifelike voices that truly reflect your individuality. Whether you need a voice for narration, virtual assistants, or even entertainment purposes, this cutting-edge technology ensures that your projects will be truly one-of-a-kind. 

Murf has endless features, allowing you to add voiceovers to video or music, export and share your creations, and easily collaborate with your team.

Whether you’re creating podcasts, marketing materials, presentations, or customer support content, Murf AI has a solution for you. Try it now and get 10 minutes for free and then choose from a premium plan between $19 and $99 a month. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, Murf AI makes it effortless to bring your creative ideas to life. The extensive range of customization options ensures that your projects will stand out from the crowd and captivate your audience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your content creation with Murf AI’s cutting-edge technology. 

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3. Resemble AI

Resemble AI offers powerful tools for generating text-to-speech and speech-to-speech with emotion control, localizing voices into 60 languages, and converting audio into various emotions with just a few clicks.

Text-to-speech allows users to type or import written scripts, with pre-set voices and AI tools generating realistic human-like recordings without the need for a microphone.

The possibilities are endless as there are over 200,000 different variances. Start with the basics like ‘Canadian’ and ‘Male’ and you’ll quickly be on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind voice for your project. 

With our advanced technology, users can also customize the pitch, tone, and speed of the generated voice to match their desired style and mood. Whether you need a professional narrator or a playful character, our text-to-speech feature provides limitless options for creative expression. 

Speech-to-speech has two main options. The most powerful is to upload a lengthy audio file (or multiple files) for the AI model to train with. This becomes a cloned voice you can use for scripts or even second-level speech-to-speech files, where your saved voice repeats the words said by the new file in its own style.

Rapid voice cloning only requires you to record a short paragraph via the web interface or app, but it is less accurate. You can improve accuracy by taking 25 different samples.

One stand-out feature is the ‘neural audio editor’ which is now called Resemble Fill. This lets you quickly modify an audio clip while keeping the same structure. For example, you can switch names, places, or other elements. 

This feature allows for easy customization and personalization of audio content without the need for extensive editing skills. It offers a convenient way to make subtle changes or create entirely new variations of the original audio clip. 

This can be useful for building your own applications or streaming ad insertion. “Do you want to buy shoes in London”, instantly becomes any product in any city.

The basic plan is $0.006 per second and has limited voices and features. Pro pricing requires contact with the sales team.

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4. Speechify

Speechify The founder of the text-to-speech app, dyslexia-prone, developed the app to assist individuals with reading difficulties by reading any text out loud.

This is still a main feature of its service and is perfect for anyone that wants to quickly convert text to realistic human speech. It’s also available on Android and iOS as an app or via Chrome browser extension. 

Speechify is known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality voice output. The app offers a wide range of voices to choose from, allowing users to customize their listening experience. Additionally, Speechify has integrated features such as highlighting text while reading, making it easier for individuals with reading difficulties to follow along. 

Speechify has expanded into AI voice generators, offering voiceover and voice cloning features and allowing users to choose from over 200 base voices and customize speed, emotions, and punctuation reactions.

The editing suite lets you add video, music, and other effects, so you can create simple yet professional content entirely through Speechify.

Voice cloning lets you upload an audio sample, but unlike other tools, it actually prefers that you record directly into the app for at least 30 seconds. It gives you a passage to read. Of course, this only really applies if you want to clone your own voice.

The default option is similar to your original recording in cadence and expressiveness. Add the desired text and download the audio file.

Another useful feature is AI dubbing. Upload your video, and its AI will automatically dub it into other languages.

Speechify offers free tools, but voiceovers are limited to 10 minutes. Premium plans start at $11.58/mo, and voiceover service starts at $59/mo.

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5. Synthesys

This popular and powerful AI voice generator will let anyone create a professional AI voiceover or video in just a few clicks. This platform is extremely easy to use, and as well as cloning your own voice, you can even clone your own likeness as an avatar for videos.

This is useful for website product explainer videos, webinars, and even basic YouTube content creation. 

Synthesys offers a wide range of natural-sounding voices in multiple languages, ensuring that your content can reach a global audience. With its advanced text-to-speech technology, you can customize the tone, pitch, and speed of the generated voice to match your desired style and mood. 

There are over 30 male and female base voices, without a robotic sound in earshot. That’s because, on top of training its AI models on a vast amount of data, Synthesys hired real voice actors for professional voice cloning.

It’s a bit like hiring the voice actor yourself but without having to wait for them to do the recording.

For text-to-speech, it provides a range of tones, languages, and speech styles, letting you generate a fun podcast vibe, serious documentary-style narration, clear tutorial messages, and virtually anything else.

With Synthesys, you have the flexibility to customize the voice to suit your specific needs. Whether you want a youthful and energetic tone or a mature and authoritative voice, Synthesys has got you covered. This level of versatility allows for seamless integration into various audio projects, enhancing the overall quality and engagement of listeners. 

Synthesys engineers train AI models to perfection, and users record up to 30 minutes of clear speech for Synthesys. While it is a premium service, there are other free tools to gauge quality.

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6. Play HT

The Play HT text-to-speech editor lets you copy, import, or type your script as is. There are tons of voices, accents, and styles of voices to choose from, including children, which isn’t a common feature.

When listening back, if it doesn’t pick up the tone based on the words, you can choose emotions like anger, cheerfulness, or excitement. As well as styles like assistant or customer service.

You can also add pauses between words and sentences and change the speed.

One area many voice generators fail is with the pronunciation of complicated words. Play HT fixes this in the simplest but most effective way we’ve seen. Just type an alternative phonetic spelling!

Voice cloning is also available, so you can use AI to train on your own voice and apply it to future scripts. Using celebrities or other people’s voices isn’t permitted and a verification process will stop this in its tracks. 

PlayHT’s approach to addressing the pronunciation of complicated words is both innovative and user-friendly. By allowing users to input alternative phonetic spellings, they ensure accurate and natural-sounding voice generation. Additionally, the availability of voice cloning technology opens up endless possibilities for personalization, as individuals can train the AI on their own voices for future scripts. The platform uses a rigorous verification process to prevent unauthorized use of celebrities’ voices. It takes 3–4 hours to process 1-2 hours of high-quality recordings, with plans starting at $7.20/month.

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LOVO is an AI tool that provides text-to-speech with professional-grade voices using neural TTS technology and large language models (LLM). It produces natural and authentic output, but users can fine-tune rhythm, inflection, breathing, and pauses. The emphasis option is the easiest way to correct hiccups. LOVO has a steep learning curve and a full editing area with multiple layers and tools. It offers 20 minutes of voice generation for free, 1GB of storage, and 14 days of pro features. Premium plans range from $19/month to $75/month.


8. Animaker Voice

Animaker Animaker Voice is an animation tool that includes an AI voice generator that supports over 200 voices and 50+ languages. Its text-to-speech engine allows users to create scripts, select gender, language, and voice, and edit them with AI effects. However, it lacks speech-to-speech or voice cloning. Animaker Voice is particularly useful for video content creators. It offers a free forever plan with 50 AI voices, 2GB of storage, and 5 monthly downloads. The Voice Pro plan is $19/month, offering 100 downloads and additional features, making it ideal for team collaboration.

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9. Listnr

Listnr Listnr is an AI-powered platform that generates human-like speech from text input, offering over 900 base voices to choose from. Users can export their voiced content in MP3 or WAV formats. The platform features tools for speed, pitch, pauses, and pronunciation, with presets and custom pronunciation options. It is user-friendly, with different windows for voiceovers and podcasts, and can be downloaded, embedded, and shared. It also integrates Canva for podcast cover art and an RSS feed for podcatchers. Voice cloning is not yet commercially available, but users can test its early functionality.

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10. Respeecher

Respeecher is not your average AI voice generator as it’s aimed at speakers who want to use their voice to direct the content of a cloned voice. I.e., you speaking in the voice of the AI generation

Its developers are aiming to attract everyone from Hollywood bigwigs to videogame creators and have been successful in replicating former President Richard Nixon’s voice, earning the team an Emmy award.

Respeecher’s pricing starts at $0.09 per second, making it a cost-effective choice for larger projects. Additionally, their advanced technology ensures superior results, making it the go-to option for serious game developers, film and TV production teams, advertisers, and more. However, individuals may find it less suitable due to the higher cost and project selection process involved. 

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What is the most realistic AI Voice Generator?

While ElevenLabs offers a more affordable and accessible option for most users, Respeecher stands out with its exceptional quality. However, due to its higher cost and more complex project selection process, it may not be the most suitable choice for individuals seeking a realistic AI voice changer. 

What is the best free AI Voice Generator?

ElevenLabs or Animaker offer free forever plans for AI voice changers, offering superior quality and features compared to other basic text-to-speech tools available on the market.


Generative AI has significantly improved in recent years, offering numerous AI voice generator options that produce voices nearly identical to real human voices, including text conversion, voice cloning from recordings, and real-time voice changes.