iPhone 14 Pro models will feature each a “hole-punch” and a pill-shaped cutout for the front camera and Face ID components, respectively, modern report claims that Apple is planning for iPhone 15 Pro models to have solely a hole for the front camera, with Face ID appearing hidden beneath the display.

Samsung’s technology would efficiently make Face ID sensors appear invisible to the bare eye, in a comparable manner to the hidden under-display camera on its Galaxy Z Fold3 smartphone, in accordance with the report. On the Fold3, the pixel density over the under-display camera is lower compared to the rest of the show to permit light to reach the camera, however, this results in the digital camera producing pretty low-quality photos.

It stays to be seen if the under-display version of Face ID would be as superb or secure as the existing system in a notch, or if there would be any different tradeoffs. Samsung is slated to be collaborating with Canada’s OTI Lumionics to strengthen the technology.

In its Korean-language version of the report, The Elec stated Samsung first plans to apply the technology to its so-called “Galaxy Z Fold5” subsequent year if development is completed on schedule, observed with the aid of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This is away from the first time that under-display Face ID has been rumored for the iPhone. In an April 2021 research note, professional analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that he expected Apple to undertake under-display Face ID for at least one new iPhone mannequin launching in 2023, however, he did now not provide any additional important points at the time. Display industry consultant Ross Young additionally claimed Face ID would now not be moved below the display till at least 2023.

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iPhone 15 Price

A price estimate this early won’t be accurate, since we haven’t yet confirmed the price of this phone’s future predecessor. But expect to spend $1,000 or more. For reference, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099, and some expect the iPhone 14 equivalent to being under $1,000.

Pre-Order Information

You’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone 15 directly from Apple’s website, likely the same day it’s announced. We’ll have the exact details during the Apple event that year; monitor our Next Apple Event page for more information.

iPhone 15 Specs and Hardware

Despite this phone being many, many months out from a release, a few details from leakers and analysts point to what we will likely see in terms of iPhone 15 specs.

Beginning in 2017, Apple transitioned away from Touch ID, opting instead for Face ID. But that could change with the iPhone 15. A name you’re probably familiar with, if you follow Apple-related leaks, is Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst has said the 2023 iPhone will get an in-screen Touch ID—since that release year corresponds to the iPhone 15, it’s safe to say if this is accurate, Touch ID will return to the iPhone 15, and it will be built-in under the display.

Something else we’ve heard regarding the under-display tech is a front-facing camera. Chances are this won’t arrive until Apple perfects under-display Face ID (which we could see in iPhone 14), but maybe they’ll hit both the same year: in-screen camera and Face ID.

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Here’s a neat concept of the iPhone 15 Pro that utilizes some of those ideas, like in-screen Face ID and Touch ID. There’s also an Apple Watch-like display over the back-facing camera housing that provides at-a-glance information and controls for music and calls.