iPhone 16 Pro Max

The iPhone 16 Pro range offers additional photography options, but some users may reject the extra weight and footprint. If you’re in this category, there’s good news for next year.

Apple’s 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro offers 5x optical zoom with a new tetra prism lens, making it one of the best camera phones available, despite maintaining the same 3x optical zoom as its predecessors.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Largen, a photography hardware maker, will thrive in 2024 due to the success of two iPhone 16 Pro models featuring tetra prism lenses

The ambiguous phrasing may refer to the rumored Ultra iPhone, but Kuo has previously mentioned the iPhone 16 Pro adopting the tetra prism lens.

The Action Mode on the iPhone 15 Pro Max enhances the video quality by capturing smooth and detailed footage even in fast-paced scenarios. Additionally, the camera’s advanced image stabilization ensures steady shots, making it a standout feature for content creators and videography enthusiasts. 

Kuo’s strong Apple predictions suggest an upgrade to the 5x zoom, despite the upgrade’s uncertain outcome, given its positive reception from reviewers and buyers.

However, Kuo is not flawless. Notably, he recently stated that iPhone 15 Pro overheating concerns may be related to the new titanium casing, which Apple later fixed with a software patch. However, it is crucial to note that even specialists can make mistakes.

It’s still early in the iPhone 16 Pro rumor cycle, but we’ve heard a few things. For starters, the devices will be larger, with the ordinary model reaching 6.3 inches and the iPhone 16 Pro Max reaching 6.9 inches. Along with an increase in processing power (probably via the A18 Pro CPU), Wi-Fi 7 support and the arrival of a 48MP ultrawide lens have been hinted at.