Google Pixel Watch 2

The new Pixel Watch 2 packs new health sensors and a faster processor into a lighter design, The Google Pixel Watch 2 boasts a multi-path heart rate sensor, stress detection, safety check feature, lighter design, and faster performance. Faster performance.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 enhances the original Pixel Watch with numerous improvements, but it’s hoped Google will go further in its pursuit of the best smartwatch.

Start with the positive news. The Pixel Watch 2 has a faster chipset and is priced at $349. Along with a new multi-path heart rate sensor, stress detection, mid-workout heart rate zones, and pace training, Google has increased its focus on fitness and health (via Fitbit). A new personal safety function called Safety Check is available on board, allowing you to inform your loved ones that you’re okay as well.

The Pixel Watch 2 offers a lighter design, new sports bands, and watch faces, but lacks a larger screen or slimmer bezels, which are our main complaints.

Google Pixel Watch 2


Google Pixel Watch 2 pre-orders on October 4 and releases on October 12, starting at $349 for Wi-Fi and $399 for LTE, with no price changes for the LTE version.


Price$349 (Wi-Fi), $399 (LTE)
Display320 ppi AMOLED, 1,000 nits
ProcessorQualcomm SW5100, Cortex M33 co-processor
ColorsMatte Black, Polished Silver, Champagne Gold
Weight31g / 1.1 ounces
Connectivity4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n, NFC
CompatibilityAndroid 9 or newer
Water resistanceIP68
Battery life24 hours with always-on display


The Pixel Watch 2 is lighter (31 grams) and features a 100% recycled aluminum housing, reducing weight compared to its predecessor’s 36 grams.

The spinning side button seems smoother than it did previously, which makes using the Pixel Watch simpler. Additionally, the glass with a dome is thinner without (ideally) compromising strength. 

Pixel Watch 2 comes in matte black, polished silver, and gold aluminum with soft-touch coating active bands and offers a new selection of metal slim bands.

The user requests a larger size option for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Galaxy Watch 6, and a display brightness that matches the competition’s options.

The Pixel Watch 2’s OLED display, rated at 1,000 nits, matches the first Pixel Watch, while the Apple Watch 9 and Galaxy Watch 6 offer up to 2,000 nits of brightness.

Google Pixel Watch 2


Google has focused on fitness and health with the Pixel Watch 2, introducing improved sensors and a multi-path heart rate sensor that promises up to 40% accuracy. The device’s increased LEDs and photodiodes on the underside ensure better readings.

The Pixel Watch 2 features a cEDA sensor, borrowed from the Fitbit Sense 2, which can detect sweat beads to measure stress levels. It also has a skin temperature sensor for identifying “acute body response moments.” Users can log in and receive stress management tips from the watch.

The Pixel Watch 2 now offers automatic workout start and stop reminders, detects 7 different workouts, and includes heart zone training with haptic and voice cues and pace training for running. This feature is catching up to features available on the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch.


The Pixel Watch 2 adds a Safety Check feature to its predecessor, allowing users to confirm their safety after a set timer expires. If not, their location will be automatically shared with emergency contacts, and they can also proactively share their location.

Fitbit Premium members with an LTE Pixel Watch 2 model can enjoy phone-free connectivity to safety features without requiring a carrier plan activation.


The Pixel Watch 2 has been upgraded with a quad-core Qualcomm SW5100 processor, enhancing performance and allowing smoother screen swipes and faster app loading.

It also boasts a 24-hour battery life, compared to the previous Pixel Watch’s only 24-hour runtime with an always-on display.


Google’s Wear OS 4.0 software offers some notable upgrades, including dedicated Gmail and Calendar apps, access to fitness stats via Google Assistant, and a new At a Glance watch face complication providing helpful information like traffic and weather.

The Fitbit app has been upgraded with a streamlined interface, and the Pixel Watch 2 comes with a 6-month Fitbit Premium membership for workout access and mindfulness sessions.


The Pixel Watch 2 boasts a lighter design, improved performance, and a multi-path heart rate sensor, while the stress tracking feature is intriguing for daily use.

The review suggests Google could improve its Pixel Watch 2 by offering a larger display option and increasing screen brightness to compete with Apple Watch 9 and Galaxy Watch 6.