Find out what Rockstar has in store for you with the new GTA Online December 31 Update featuring Treasure Chests, the Omnis & rewards.

This week’s GTA Online update introduces some new treasure chests to Los Santos, provides the Omnis as a podium vehicle, and provides some other haul of rewards and discounts. Find out what else is protected in the December 31 patch notes for GTA Online.

It feels like only the previous day we had been gearing up for a snowy Los Santos and bringing in the Christmas spirit. Fast-forward a few days – the snow has cleared and we’re saying goodbye to all the Festive Content.

But as GTA Online loses content, Rockstar also provides it and additionally showcases provides and discounts for a lot of its existing content material too.

Thanks to GTA Online leaker TezFunz2, here’s the whole lot you want to recognize about the December 31 update.

GTA Online December 31 patch notes

Treasure Chests

A hot new addition to GTA Online is the promised Treasure Chests. It had already been noted in the challenges that Treasure Chests would be a thing, and now they are here

Here’s what we know about them:

  • They are located on the island
  • Can only be found during the “Scope Out” mission
  • There are 10 different locations
  • Only two chests can be opened a day
  • Each chest contains $15,000

So always be on the look out if you want to score some extra cash.

GTA Online On December 31

GTA Online Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward
To attempt and hold the holiday spirit, the Diamond Casino & Resort has up to date its Lucky Wheel car with a new prize in the shape of the fast, Omnis sportscar.

The Omnis is really worth $701,000 and here’s the official description of the vehicle:

“The Obey Omnis used to be the poster child of the golden age of rallying, a length of deregulated innocence when a turbo-charged tin can may want to plow thru a crowd of spectators on a muddy embankment and there wasn’t a rattling component the government ought to do about it. This is one for the fans.“

2x GTA Online Rewards & Races
Rockstar is as soon as once more offering 2x GTA Cash & RP on In & Out Adv. Mode. We additionally have records on all the new races and time trials too.

Premium Race: Senora Freeway
Time Trial: Coast to Coast
RC Time Trial: Construction Site I
Login bonuses
Regular patrons of GTA Online can appear forward to bagging but greater freebies including:

Sessanta Nove Monogram livery for Revolter, Speedo Custom, Menacer
Bigness Tie-dye Sweater
Bigness Tie-dye Sports Pants
Major GTA Online Discounts
Players can assume some major discounts, inclusive of 40% off High-End Apartments. There is additionally 40% off some choose different items too.

40% Off Property
Casino Penthouse Garage
Arcade Garage
Nightclub Garage Levels
Arena Garage Floors
Dynasty eight Garages
Office Garages
MOC Personal Vehicle Storage
40% Off Vehicles

Ramp Buggy: Buy for $1,915,200
Armored Kuruma: Buy for $418,950
Phantom Wedge: Buy for $1,532,160
Taipan: Buy for $1,188,000
That has to simply about cowl the whole lot in the new replace for GTA Online. Hopefully, you’ve loved the Christmas content material and seem to be ahead to a Happy New Year!