PS5 24k Gold from Truly Exquisite has announced that pre-orders for its gold or platinum custom PS5 consoles and accessories will begin on Thursday, September 10. Wealthy gamers after some bling can place an order for an 18K rose gold PlayStation 5 for £8,199 (US$10,617) or make a reservation for a gold-plated DualSense controller at £649 (US$840).

Prices and pre-order details are published for the PlayStation 5,

but they’re not those many gamers around the world are waiting on tenterhooks for. These particular details come from a British company called Truly Exquisite, which prides itself on delivering high-end products with an additional layer of PS5 Gold18K, PS5 24k Gold, or maybe platinum.

According to the firm, pre-orders for the flashy PS5 consoles and accessories will start on Thursday, September 10 at 3 pm (BST; 7 am PDT, 10 am ET, 10 pm CST).

A full list has been published, and somewhat tellingly, there’s only £100 difference between the disc PS5 and therefore the Digital Edition console,

which could reflect the eventual prices for the quality consoles aimed toward gamers who don’t own oil companies or fashion houses.
No gold HD camera, PS5 remote, or DualSense charging station though. (Image source: Truly Exquisite)No gold HD camera, PS5 remote, or DualSense charging station though.

If the thought of paying anywhere from £7,999 to £8,299 for an of gold or platinum-clad PlayStation 5 or £399 for a PS5 headset seems a touch excessive, you’ll always choose a gold-plated iPad Pro from £2,200 (excluding VAT (US$2,850)) or maybe a silver Dragon Edition Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from £3,800 (US$4,923).

Hopefully, Sony will soon reveal the official prices for the non-gold-plated SKUs, which are expected to be around the US$499/£449/€499 point for the disc version and US$399/£349/€399 for the PS5 Digital Edition.

(source: Truly Exquisite)