GTA 6 release date

While console followers struggle to secure an Xbox Series X or PS5 in 2021, it appears like Rockstar Games are in no rush to assist the next-gen platforms with new titles.

But there are nonetheless lots of rumors swirling around the subsequent Grand Theft Auto game, inclusive of how Rockstar Games will improve the experience.

One area of the game that followers prefer to see enhancements is in the multiplayer experience currently reachable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The GTA 6 launch date might also no longer be coming till 2022, or possibly later, however, that does suggest that lots of enhancements can be made.

With GTA Online proving so popular, one huge drawback is how the servers work, consisting of how maps are populated and matchmaking features in lobbies.

And gamers consider they might also have found proof that the launch of GTA 6 should encompass increased server performance.

A listing of patents filed by means of Take-Two Interactive suggests that Rockstar Games may want to switch its multiplayer from peer-to-peer to committed servers.

As pointed out via @chi_colossimo through Comic Book, who first shared the Take-Two patents, there is proof that the subsequent GTA game ought to use some structure of devoted servers, whilst an older patent noticed final year suggests a move toward session merging.

This would reportedly permit Rockstar Games to simulate extra populated on-line lobbies primarily based on a range of elements.

What helps points some of this stuff to GTA 6 is that car duplication is referred to and is an take advantage that ought to be avoided the usage of session merging, which has been a glitch used on a huge scale in GTA Online.

This new feature should additionally make it a good deal harder for gamers to be kicked totally out of stay servers by using disconnects, every other huge problem in GTA 5.

None of this is without delay linked to Grand Theft Auto 6, however, there’s no doubt that some of this stuff would advantage it greatly, specifically if greater multiplayer factors are being planned.

It ought to be referred to that this is based totally on patents filed by way of Take-Two and doesn’t warranty that any will be used in a last product.

However, it is well worth noting some thing being shared with the aid of a company that remains so coy on its plans for the Grand Theft Auto franchise on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The unofficial news from sources suggests that GTA 6 is nonetheless years away from launch.

And from what has been shared through sources, the game may now not hit cabinets till late 2022 at the earliest, making for the longest wait but for a Grand Theft Auto game.

One ex-Grand Theft Auto leaker and depended on Rockstar Games source, Yan2295 provided an update this month, telling followers that there won’t be an announcement this month.

The publish from Yann reads: “Yes GTA 6 is being developed. No, it is no longer coming soon. No, I do not understand when it is gonna be introduced or released. You can cease asking now.”

It should be mentioned that this message used to be shared on social media and used to be in most cases targeted at confirming that the person doesn’t know when GTA 6 will be released.

And GTA 6 isn’t the solely high-profile gaming task Rockstar Games has been linked to this in 2021.

Other reviews have advised that an entire version of GTA four should be coming to next-gen consoles, whilst the improvement crew have additionally been linked to a new canceled Bully 2 sequel.

And with a next-gen version of GTA 5 anticipated to launch around October time this year, there’s lots of news that ought to be shared by way of Rockstar Games in the coming weeks, even if it isn’t related to Grand Theft Auto 6.