iMac for 2021

New story: Apple plans the first iMac redesign in nearly a decade with a new look reminiscent of the Pro Display XDR. Also coming: Intel Mac Pro refresh, a new half-sized Apple Silicon Mac Pro (a modern-day PowerMac G4 Cube), and a cheaper standalone monitor.

We’ve made our feelings recognized about the design of Apple’s current Mac lineup over the final few months. Pretty an awful lot every new launch in 2020 sported an acquainted design, with arguably the worst offender being the 2020 iMac. Last year’s machine appears the same as each iMac launched as away again as 2012. But if new leaks are to be believed, the 2021 iMac is in the end about to buck the trend.

According to Bloomberg, the first iMac makeover in nearly a decade will now not solely contain reducing the display’s gargantuan bezels, however, it will additionally see the machine’s curved again flattened to enable an awful lot slimmer profile. It can also nonetheless be our satisfactory pc for graphic design, however, whatever that makes the iMac appear like it belongs right here in the 2020s can solely be a top thing.

Bloomberg reports that the new iMac, slated for launch in 2021, will feature a format reminiscent of Apple’s smooth (but ludicrously expensive) Pro Display XDR (below), which features tiny bezels and an ultra-slim body. Indeed, subsequent to the 2019’s Pro Display, the 2020 iMac can solely be described as the use of one of the internet’s favorite words: chunky.

And the good news for iMac followers does not give up there. Along with a brand new design, the 2021 iMac is reported to function Apple’s brand new and splendid fast M1 chip, presently solely located in the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Released in November, the new chip is a game-changer for creatives – and we’re amazed to see that the M1 MacBooks have already been given an surprising price cut.

When Apple published the ‘brand new’ 2020 iMac final summer, we could not assist however experience a little disappointment with the aid of the acquainted design – especially with extremely good fan-made renders such as this iPad Pro-inspired iMac doing the rounds online. But with an M1 chip and a current new look, it looks 2021 ought to breathe new life into the iMac and affirm its position as the desktop to beat for creatives. And with the MacBook Pro additionally in line for a design refresh, it is looking like an exciting year for Apple fans.

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