How to play Xbox Series X games on your Samsung TV without a console

How to play Xbox Series X games on your Samsung TV without a console By downloading the Xbox app from the newly released Samsung Gaming Hub platform, you`re now capable of streaming Xbox Series X|S games thru the cloud. The simplest catch, as detailed withinside the official Xbox blog you may want one of these 2022 Samsung TVs with a view to access the gaming platform.

So in case you own or are planning on shopping for one, you will be capable of playing a litany of the best Xbox Game Pass games without a console, nor the want to look ahead to a lengthy download. Want to learn more? Our available Xbox Game Pass on Samsung TVs explainer will fill you in on what Xbox’s subscription service brings to Samsung’s latest displays.


If you own a 2022 Samsung TV, follow these steps in order to play Xbox games without a console.

  •  internet connection is required to stream games directly from the cloud at at least 20 Mbps and a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection for an acceptable experience
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This higher tier is the only way you can access the Xbox app’s games. Ultimate will cost you $14.99 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 per month
  • Compatible Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller. The official Xbox wireless controller works fine


switch on your Samsung TV and access the Samsung Gaming Hub from the dashboard. In the hub, you must now see an icon for the Xbox app. You`ll then be triggered to log in to your Microsoft account. This could be the identical one you’ve got used to joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Once you are in, simply join your favored Bluetooth-enabled controller and you are exact to go. You’ll be greeted with the aid of using the Xbox app’s big listing of cloud-primarily based games totally that it shares with Xbox Game Pass.
Simply pick a game this is to your liking, and you could start playing proper away. Do want to look ahead to a long download. The most effective limits right here are the 1080p resolution cap which your Samsung TV must do a decent job of upscaling) and the quality of your internet connection.

The Xbox app is a super addition to Samsung Gaming Hub. If you very own a Samsung TV, it manner you might not want to shell out extra cash for an Xbox console to play lots of Xbox Game Pass games. As lengthy as you could belly the somewhat high monthly subscription cost, you would possibly in no way want to shop for a console to play many of the high-satisfactory Xbox Series X games.

How it works

Playing Xbox games on 2022 Samsung TVs will be a seamless experience, similar to using other streaming apps on your TV. Simply launch the app, connect your favorite controller, and start playing. Here’s the step-by-step:

  • Access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub and log into your existing Microsoft account. If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate member, you’ll have access to hundreds of cloud-enabled games or you can check out Fortnite without a membership.
  • If you are new to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, join or upgrade today for just $1, or you can sign up directly in the app.
  • Connect your favorite Bluetooth-enabled controllers like the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Elite Series 2 Controller, or the DualSense controller. Start playing over 100 high-quality games, from the cloud including A Plague Tale: Innocence, Hades, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction.

We’re super excited by what this next step means for all you gamers out there. With this rollout, we’re making it easier than ever to play games on the devices you already own. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a controller, you can easily jump into the world of gaming and connect with your friends and communities on Xbox.