Reasons Your Facebook Ads Manager Account Get Shut Down


1: Repeated Declined Payments

If you consistently have payment methods declined for your ad account, Facebook will see this as a red flag and should suspend your account if the pattern continues.

Your ad account gets seen as a “bad debtor” and too many late payments or declined bills could put your ad account in danger.


2: Low Facebook Page Quality

Repeatedly violating community guidelines on your Facebook page may result during a low page quality score, which may put your ability to advertise in danger.

Sharing misleading content like fake news or inciting antisocial behavior can make your page appear as if a troublemaker within the Facebook community and end in your ad account being banned also.

You can find the complete list of Facebook community guidelines here. Note that the community guidelines are different from the ad policies, and advertisers got to understand both.


3: Low-Quality Ranking Scores for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Your ads are going to be scored for his or her accuracy and relevance for the targeted audience.

Ads that get approved but are still considered to be inferior also can cause your account to be banned or taking longer within the future to urge your ads approved.

Using clickbait or engagement bait: employing a copy that doesn’t show all of the knowledge or baits people to interact is going to be considered inferiority.

Too much text over an image: Facebook allows ads to run with quite 20% of text over the image, but it considers these ads lower in quality, which may reduce the reach and ad quality score. to ascertain if the proportion of text in your image is just too high, use Facebook’s Image Text Check tool.

Ads that get hidden or trigger users to cover All Ads From This Advertiser also will affect your ad quality score.

4: Poor-Quality Landing Page

Facebook screens any links to websites or downloads to make sure they follow an equivalent set of ad rules. Facebook will scan your landing page and apply their same screening tools thereto. A low-quality experience on a landing page includes:

Too many pop-ups or distractions Not enough information or a better volume of advertising Content that’s misleading or not relevant to the ad
Lack of functionality—broken links, low-quality images, videos that don’t play, and so on

5: Repeated Facebook Ads Policy Violations

All advertisers get flagged for a billboard breaking policy every now and again but if you consistently break the principles and have your ads disapproved, you run the danger of getting your Facebook ad account pack up.

If you can’t play by the principles, Facebook will simply kick you out of the sandbox.