Specialist bike insurance plan may now not be a felony necessity, however, it’s really, actually proper thinking in particular for the excellent electric bikes.
E-bikes are incredible they’re enjoyable to ride, take the sweat out of commuting, and make cycling reachable to people who may now not have loved it before.

They’re additionally expensive. Even an enormously lower-priced electric bike will set you back around a grand, and a mid-range bike will value twice as much. It would possibly be covered beneath your home insurance, however, such insurance policies will commonly solely cover bikes that had been stolen whilst locked up at home, now not swiped from a bike rack or broken on the road.

There may additionally be an expensive premium to pay, and your home insurance plan may additionally put a cap on how a lot you can declare for a stolen bike, which may want to solely be a fraction of what your e-bike cost.

And what about the different price of accidents if you are injured, you scratch a person’s car, you hit a person, or you are clipped whilst riding? That’s the place specialized bike insurance plan comes in.

Tobias Taupitz, founder and COO of bike insurance plan company Laka, to locate out what you want to comprehend about insuring your e-bike, what steps you can take to keep away from wanting to make a claim in the first place, and what to do if you are unlucky enough to be concerned in an accident.

e-bike insurance Plans

There are quite a few distinctive kinds of insurance plans to consider. A first-party liability insurance plan covers you and your own bike, and insurance policies differ greatly, however this should encompass things like changing individual aspects of the whole bike. You should additionally get hold of payment if you’re critically injured on your bike, in particular, if you’re unable to work till you’ve recovered. Bear in mind that you’ll typically have to put on a helmet to be covered via this kind of insurance plan – make certain you test the small print.

Then there’s third-party insurance. “It’s a very blanket term,” says Taupitz, “but in a nutshell, it covers you for any damages you inflict on others. Basically, if you scratch your car, or if you run over a pedestrian, they will be charges alongside that. Damaging a car is now not definitely expensive, however, hitting a pedestrian is.”

He offers the instance of an accident in London in 2019, the place a bike owner hit a pedestrian who stepped into the street whilst searching at her phone. Both people had been knocked unconscious and had been observed equally accountable for the accident in court, but lack of insurance plan and legal representation early on, the bicycle owner used to be left with a big legal bill.

“It happens genuinely quickly, and no longer always because you do something wrong, however, you are members in the traffic basically, and the charge, if there have been serious lengthy-term injuries, can quantity to very huge numbers.”

Thankfully, such serious accidents are rare, which is why a bike insurance plan is fantastically cheap. Laka, for example, has simply launched Laka Club, which offers third-party legal responsibility cowl for £1 (about $1.25 / AU$2) for the rest of the year.

“It’s an initiative to welcome all the new city cyclists who have simply picked up biking once more or rediscovered it as section of the current events. It’s essential for us to get to understand every other, and you can decide-out if you don’t desire to proceed with it.

Then there are kinds of insurance plans precise to cyclists. Laka, for example, gives fitness and restoration insurance, which covers your well-being after an accident. For example,

If you’re an eager avenue bicycle owner and a damaged collarbone capacity you’re going to be out of motion for six weeks, you should borrow a rapid coach to use indoors to make certain you don’t lose fitness. It should additionally encompass counseling to assist you to experience assured once more after an accident.

If you’re planning to take phase-in races it’s possible that you’ll want separate tournament insurance. It’s no longer probable to be the case with an electric bike, however, it is possible.

Avoid needing to claim

So how can you avoid having your e-bike stolen in the first place? As Taupitz explains, the fantastic place to begin is to make investments in a actually exact lock.

We see people shopping for an absolutely highly-priced bike and then shopping for a £10 cable binder and that doesn’t stack up,” he says. “Even if you have an entry-level bike, deal with yourself to a higher-end lock.”

But how can you inform if a lock is good? Sold Secure is an unbiased corporation that checks and certifies bike locks to make it simpler for cyclists to evaluate their safety levels.

Companies publish a lock for testing, and after attacking them with a range of equipment (cable cutters, saws, attitude grinders, and more), Sold Secure will provide it a ranking Gold, Silver, or Bronze relying on how long it took to break.

To locate out whether or not you must entrust your bike to a unique lock, simply seem to be it up in Sold Secure’s database. For an expensive electric bike, you need to actually be searching for a Gold rated lock, which will take some serious work to break.

Locking your bike someplace covered by means of CCTV is additionally a proper idea, as is applying general frequent experience when deciding on the place to go away from it. “You wouldn’t accept as true with every now and then when human beings go away their £5,000 bike in a darkish alley and wonder why it has been stolen,” says Taupitz.

In some ways, e-bikes are tougher to steal partly due to the fact they’re heavier and extra hard to carry away, and partly due to the fact they’re regularly fitted with GPS, which shows their exact location.

However, Taupitz explains that there are some rather organized gangs that can steal them extra without problems than an opportunistic thief, but no longer many. A bigger problem is vandalism.

“We’ve seen very few e-bike thefts, but we’ve considered a lot of battery thefts,” he says. “People use brute force to get preserve of it, or they use a screwdriver of some type to simply smash it. I’m no longer certain how you’d sell it on, however, that doesn’t appear to be a massive concern.”

You can additionally assist avoid a declare by making certain your e-bike is properly maintained. “A lot of damages appear because you haven’t considered a bike save for half of a yr and your brake pads don’t worktop any more greasy chains and things that can be avoided easily,” says Taupitz. “Treat your bike with respect.”

What to do in an accident

Finally, we asked Taupitz what you need to do if you’re worried about an accident. If you’ve without a doubt fallen off, he says, talk to your insurance plan company. Laka, for example, can act as a bike concierge provider and deal with the inconvenience for you.

That would possibly contain a payout, or it may contain working liaising with the e-bike manufacturer or retailer to make a warranty claim if it’s truly broken down. The intention is to get you using again, with a minimum of fuss.

If you’re worried about an accident with a car, make positive that you’re all right, and if you’re injured, get in an ambulance forget about the bike and car. Your wellbeing is paramount.

“If you are now not hit badly, the license plate is key,” Taupitz says. “Unfortunately there are a lot of hit-and-runs, which is devastating. If the driver has stopped, then the license plate is the bare minimum, then they can determine out who the driver is.

“If the driver admits know-how of fault, [find out] which insurance plan company he’s insured with and, in a perfect world, seem to be round for any witnesses, due to the fact you wouldn’t agree with how many human beings would wriggle out, blaming the bike owner for daring to simply be on the road. [There are] a lot of thoughts involved, sometimes.

“Also have a quick seem to be round to see if there’s CCTV. If you spot those, that will assist with the process. But again, on such an occasion the place a bike is broken and a customer is insured with us, they would turn to us. First, we would settle the claim, and then it would be on us to recover the cash from the insurer and provide it returned to our community, basically.”

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